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Downtown Plan 2019 Year in ReviewCity Document 02/14/2020
Planning Commission 2019 Year in ReviewCity Document 02/14/2020
Q4 Residential Snapshot ReportDLBA Report 01/15/2020
Q4 Residential Market SurveyDLBA Report 01/15/2020
Q4 Retail Market SurveyDLBA Report 01/15/2020
Q4 Office Market SurveyDLBA Report 01/15/2020
Beacon Peer Review of KMA Housing Report Consultant Peer Review 11/22/2019
Q3 Retail Snapshot ReportDLBA Report10/15/2019
Q3 Office Building Market SurveyDLBA Report10/15/2019
Q3 Residential Market SurveyDLBA Report10/15/2019
Q3 Retail Market SurveyDLBA Report10/15/2019
2019 Public Safety SurveyDLBA Report10/1/2019
DTLB Snapshot: Office Q2 2019DLBA Report07/19/2019
Q2 2019 Retail Space Market SurveyDLBA Report07/19/2019
Q2 2019 Office Building Market SurveyDLBA Report 07/19/2019
Q2 2019 Residential Market SurveyDLBA Report 07/19/2019
Public Safety Dashboard - MayDLBA Dashboard06/01/2019
Special Events Dashboard - MayDLBA Dashboard06/01/2019
Public Realm Dashboard - MayDLBA Dashboard06/01/2019
Marketing Dashboard - MayDLBA Dashboard06/01/2019
Economic Development Dashboard - MayDLBA Dashboard06/01/2019
Public Safety Dashboard - AprilDLBA Dashboard05/01/2019
Special Events Dashboard - AprilDLBA Dashboard05/01/2019
Public Realm Dashboard - AprilDLBA Dashboard05/01/2019
Marketing Dashboard - AprilDLBA Dashboard05/01/2019
Economic Development Dashboard - AprilDLBA Dashboard05/01/2019
DLBA Financial Package - AprilDLBA Report04/30/2019
Economic Profile 2019DLBA Report04/15/2019
Public Safety Dashboard - MarchDLBA Dashboard03/31/2019
Public Realm Dashboard - MarchDLBA Dashboard03/31/2019
Economic Development Dashboard - MarchDLBA Dashboard03/31/2019
Marketing Dashboard - MarchDLBA Dashboard03/31/2019
Special Events Dashboard - MarchDLBA Dashboard03/31/2019
DLBA 2018 Annual ReportDLBA Report12/05/2018
DLBA Election Procedures 2018-19DLBA Governance Document10/30/2018
DLBA Bylaws 2018-19DLBA Governance Document10/30/2018
Special Events Dashboard - AugustDLBA Dashboard08/01/2018
Public Safety Dashboard - AugustDLBA Dashboard08/01/2018
Economic Development Dashboard - AugustDLBA Dashboard08/01/2018
Public Safety Dashboard - AugustDLBA Dashboard08/01/2018
Marketing Dashboard - AugustDLBA Dashboard08/01/2018
Public Realm - August DashboardDLBA Dashboard08/01/2018
Available Office Properties DLBA Report07/01/2018
Office Market Snapshot DLBA Report07/01/2018
Economic Profile 2018 DLBA Report04/01/2018
Incentives for Small Business >Business Resource01/01/2018
Commercial Improvement Rebate Program Business Resource01/01/2018
Employment Training Subsidy Business Resource01/01/2018
Grow Long Beach Fund Loan Program (PDF) >Business Resource01/01/2018
Future Housing Needs in the City of Long Beach 2040 (PDF) >Consultant Report01/01/2018
Downtown Business Survey Results (2017 - 2018) (PDF) >Consultant Report01/01/2018
DLBA 2017 Annual Report DLBA Report12/13/2017
DTLB Snapshot: Residential Reports (PDF) DLBA Report10/01/2017
Available Retail Properties DLBA Report10/01/2017
Retail Market Snapshot DLBA Report10/01/2017
Office Market Snapshot DLBA Report07/01/2017
Available Office Properties DLBA Report07/01/2017
Economic Profile (PDF) DLBA Report04/01/2017
Downtown Intercept Survey Report 2016 (PDF) Consultant Report02/01/2017
Downtown Residential Survey Report (2016) (PDF)Consultant Report02/01/2017
Downtown Plan Overview City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan Sections 1-2 City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan Section 3: Part 1 City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan Section 3: Part 2 City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan EIR Part 2 City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan EIR Part 3 City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Part 1 City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan Section 4 City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan EIR Part 4 City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Height RequirementsCity Document01/01/2017
Downtown Plan Update 2017 (PDF) City Document01/01/2017
Downtown Business Survey Results (2016 - 2017) (PDF) Consultant Report01/01/2017
Vision 2020 Summary DLBA Report12/01/2016
Vision 2020 Full Report DLBA Report12/01/2016
Available Retail Properties DLBA Report10/01/2016
Retail Market Snapshot DLBA Report10/01/2016
Office Market Snapshot DLBA Report07/01/2016
Available Office Properties DLBA Report07/01/2016
Residential Reports (PDF) DLBA Report01/01/2016
Downtown Plan Update 2016 (PDF) City Document01/01/2016
Downtown Long Beach Employment Profile (PDF) Consultant Report01/01/2016
Downtown Intercept Survey Report 2015 (PDF) Consultant Report03/01/2015
Downtown Plan Update 2015 (PDF) City Document01/01/2015
Adaptive Reuse Incentive Program (PDF) Business Resource12/01/2014
ULI Waterfront Taskforce Report (PDF) Consultant Report09/01/2014
Downtown Plan Update 2014 (PDF) City Document01/01/2014

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