The DLBA recognizes the importance of updating our existing City wayfinding system as we’ve long been advocates for improving pedestrian connectivity within Downtown, particularly between the Downtown Core and the Waterfront; and the East Village and Downtown Core. As such, we’ve funded the design phase of the pedestrian wayfinding system and partnered with the City to ensure new pedestrian signage is consistent with the overall Long Beach wayfinding system.

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The Loop at Pine + Ocean

The Loop at Pine + Ocean is a 7,700 square foot interactive playground framed by a metallic 500-foot long, 25-foot high space truss. Designed with internal LED lighting and music the space truss radiates with an eye-popping pre-programmed light display each night. Upon entering The Loop, visitors are engaged by a combination of the arts, music, games, food & beverage, and other community-driven programming.

Downtown Banners

The DLBA’s banner program features our 1.38 Un-Square Miles tag and branding to promote a Downtown that is always exciting, full of personalities, driven by diversity and celebrates creativity. The banner design features wordplay off of the Un-Square theme such as Un-Believable, Un-Corked, Un-Leashed, and Un-Plugged. You can find the banners along Long Beach Blvd., 7th St., Alamitos Ave., 4th St., 3rd St., Broadway, and Pine Avenue.


Downtown Long Beach is the most walkable community in the City of Long Beach and keeping our sidewalks welcoming to visitors is key to ensuring it’s continued vibrancy and growth. To that end DLBA partners with the City of Long Beach to maintain litter receptacles, trees, and landscaping located along the Downtown Transit Gallery.

Holiday Decorations

The holidays bring an amazing array of light arrangements to DTLB. Beginning in November, decorations are placed throughout the downtown, from the Promenade to Pine Avenue, to the East Village Arts District.

Pine Avenue Improvement Project

In 2014 the DLBA partnered with the City of Long Beach on the Pine Avenue Improvement Project to improve the pedestrian experience of Pine Avenue and add to the vibrancy of the Downtown. The project included numerous pedestrian enhancements, from new street trees and plantings, to creative lighting and hardscape improvements. The project has helped foster a new vitality to Pine Avenue.

Mutt Mitts

To better serve the needs of residents and their four-legged friends, in 2013 the DLBA approved a one year pilot program to install animal waste dispensers in Downtown. Seven dispensers were placed on street light poles located throughout Downtown to help reduce animal waste on sidewalks, enhance aesthetics, and create a more positive pedestrian experience. Since then the program has expanded to 22 stations located throughout DTLB.

Mutt Mitts Map


Creative Crosswalks

In 2017, the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA) commissioned artist Hataya Tubtim to create he first crosswalk art project in Downtown Long Beach. The goal of the project was to further support a vibrant pedestrian environment by adding a sense of delight and discovery to the public realm. Five unique designs were installed on Pine Avenue between 1st Street and 7th Street in March 2017. Each design recognizes the legacy of human enterprise during the first century of Long Beach’s development while acknowledging the importance of a vibrant marine environment along our coast. Learn More >

Parking Meters

In December 2014 the DLBA and City of Long Beach entered into a funding agreement to replace all coin-operated meters in the Downtown area with smart meters, thus making parking in DTLB more convenient while giving the City the ability to better manage its parking assets through the collection of parking data. The DLBA was able to secure a commitment from the City to dedicate all new net revenue (generated within the first two years of the operation of the new smart parking meters) to improvements to parking infrastructure and operations in the Downtown area. The DLBA is committed to continuing to work with the City to ensure that the smart parking meters are utilized to their full potential and contribute to a positive experience for visitors to Downtown.