Woman-Owned Business Accelerator Grant

The DLBA’s Woman-Owned Business Accelerator Program is designed to assist existing woman owned businesses by providing targeted business assistance and grant funds in an effort to support costs associated with recruiting, retaining, or expanding an existing downtown woman owned business creating more jobs in Downtown Long Beach. The program will award up to 3 woman owned businesses, not to exceed $15,000 in total award money. Businesses that are “pre-revenue” will be considered and encouraged to apply. Preference given to businesses supporting online/digital customer acquisition strategies.

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DLBA Small Business Grants

The DLBA’s Small Business Grants are designed to assist new businesses and support the expansion of existing businesses by providing grant funds in an effort to defray costs associated with the starting or expanding of a business therefore creating jobs in Downtown Long Beach. The program will award UP TO 7 businesses from a $20,000 total award bucket* (all awards include DPIA BID assessment fee reimbursement for each winner):

  • Up to 7 businesses will be awarded a DLBA funded grant from a total award bucket not to exceed $20,000 (requires matching funds & award includes DPIA BID assessment reimbursement)
  • Included in your award, the DLBA will reimburse you up to $500 1st Year DPIA BID assessment fee reimbursement (requires receipt provided by City of Long Beach)
  • *You must attend all 10 Entrepreneurship Education Series modules to qualify.
  • All qualified attendees must submit their PowerPoint presentations by May 9 to, see PitchFest Guidelines & Criteria for Participation tab below.

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