Clean Team


The Clean & Safe Team takes great pride in their work. For 365 days a year, the DTLB Alliance Clean Team crew begins each morning before most businesses open. In fact, a porter can walk as much as three miles throughout the day covering one of eight routes in the Downtown business district.

Clean Team porters go above and beyond the services provided by the City of Long Beach to support efforts to make Downtown vibrant for everyone. Without the Clean Team, Downtown residents, workers and visitors would have seen 650,900 pounds of additional litter and debris and more than 17,490 graffiti/stickers in 2022 alone.


Five days a week, the Clean Team uses an All-Terrain

Litter Vacuum along the curb line.

This includes pressure washing sidewalks, patios, and parklets on weekly and six-week rotations in premium and standard zones, respectively. Porters are responsible for picking up trash, sweeping and removing debris from the sidewalk and curb, as well as removing graffiti and stickers, pulling weeds, and wiping down street furniture. At times, they are called upon to pick up debris from an overturned City trash receptacle, as well as articles of clothing and trash from abandoned homeless encampments. They also help with disposing bulk items such as discarded couch cushions, chairs, and mattresses.

The DTLB Alliance Clean Team is recognized as significantly enhancing the experience of Downtown. According to a 2021 Public Safety Perception survey, including residents, visitors and workers, awareness of DTLB Alliance services increased by 15-20 percent over the past three years. This includes more than 80 percent of respondents being aware of the Downtown Alliance’s extensive pressure washing and removal of litter and debris. All to make DTLB a cleaner and safer experience for everyone.


Pounds of Litter/Debris Removed

January – December 2022*


*Smart System data tracker
**3 pressure washers, total of 120 hours/week


Graffiti/Stickers Removed

January – December 2022*


Hours Spent Pressure Washing

January – Dec. 2022**