Downtown Clean Team

The Downtown Long Beach Clean Team is dedicated to beautifying our community. Starting their day early, team members sweep away litter and debris before shops open and throughout the day. Clean Team services go above and beyond what is provided by the City, including pressure washing, graffiti removal, and more.


Pounds of Litter/Debris Removed

Through July, 2018


Graffiti/Stickers Removed

Through July, 2018

21 million

Square Feet Pressure Washed

Through July, 2018

Pressure Washing Schedule

Listed below are the days and locations for pressure washing, based on a 6 week schedule. Pressure washing start times to be in accordance with district wide start times of 5 AM or 7 AM. The letter after the address (N), (S), (E) or (W) denotes which side of the street will be cleaned.

While every effort is made to clean each sidewalk on the assigned date, construction, filming and equipment service may require rescheduling. Should you have a question about the schedule, please contact Broc Coward at 562-436-4259.