Safety Ambassadors

Call for a Free Safety Escort, 7 Days a Week


A DTLB Alliance Safety Ambassador can escort you to your car, building, hotel or workplace. The typical response to the call is within five minutes. Do you have friends coming to DTLB and using our parking structures or parking lots? Give them our phone number so they can call when they arrive.

DTLB Alliance Safety Escorts are available Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 9:45 PM; Friday and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM.

Safety Ambassador Safety Escort
(562) 244-1365

Downtown Safety Ambassadors

They are ready to offer a helping hand to our culturally diverse community. They also serve to address safety issues on the streets before they escalate and require police assistance. Safety Ambassadors are present throughout our Downtown Property Based Improvement District (PBID). Affectionately called the “redshirts” by those who rely on their services, Ambassadors are easy to spot throughout the day riding a bike, patrolling on a Segway, or walking on foot offering assistance to residents, workers, and visitors in the form of directions, safety escorts, and vehicle jump-starts. DTLB Alliance Safety Ambassadors are available Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 10 PM; Friday and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

Safety is a key to a thriving downtown. Making people feel safer in their neighborhood encourages greater participation by everyone in daily activities, which in turn improves quality of life. That is central to the DTLB Alliance’s mission to cultivate, preserve, and promote a healthy, safe and prosperous Downtown for all.

Our mission drives the Alliance’s highly trained Safety Ambassadors who patrol throughout Downtown about 14-16 hours per day. To view our Quality of Life Response Guide, which includes 10 tips for de-escalation, click here.


Business Contacts

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Friendly Safety Escorts

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Directions Given

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Vehicle Jump Starts

The DTLB Alliance Safe Team is equipped to provide basic vehicle assistance with its fully charged vehicle jump start box. The service is free to anyone inside the Property Based Improvement District during Safe Team operating hours. A friendly safety ambassador can be there in 10 minutes or less on most occasions. Simply call (562) 244-1365 and ask for assistance!

Annual Public Safety Survey

The Downtown Long Beach Allaince (DTLB Alliance) distributes a public safety perception survey to those connected to Downtown.  This includes property owners, residents, workers, businesses, community groups and tourists. The annual survey, shared publicly, is designed to gather feedback on the public’s observations of public safety and the overall experience in Downtown. It is not only a tool to inform DTLB Alliance programming, but for sharing and collaborating with our community partners in health and safety who also prioritize making Downtown a great place to live, work, invest and play.

In 2021, the Alliance Clean and Safe Teams were faced with increased street waste and staffing issues due to the pandemic, but still received high marks for remaining present and active; almost 70 percent of those surveyed said the Teams did a “good job.” There were other positive survey takeaways: Over 80 percent of those surveyed (a 20 percent increase over last year) were aware of the DTLB Alliance’s services, such as small business grants, pressure washing, Downtown navigation, and removal of graffiti and stickers.  Learn More >