First off, a huge thank you to everyone who has joined Discover Downtown: Summer Scavenger Hunt. We’re absolutely blown away by all the awesome photos you’ve submitted so far, and we’re so excited to share some of them with our Downtown Scene community! We love that these 10 submissions showcase a diverse range of perspectives on all that Downtown has to offer, and hope you can use these photos as inspiration to explore Downtown, and/or, as you complete more challenges. 

If you’re new to hearing about our Scavenger Hunt, it’s not too late to sign up and join in on all the fun! Discover Downtown: Scavenger Hunt runs through August 20. Participants collect points as they complete challenges; winners with the most points will receive up to $500 in gift cards to DTLB businesses. Sign up in just three steps, here


Here we have a shot from user Aplace18 showing us the Billie Jean King Main Library is truly A Place we want to be! Beat the heat, grab a book and soak up all the knowledge this Downtown library has to offer.


It’s impossible not to smile in front of this East Village Arts District mural on Linden Avenue, between 1st Street and Broadway. Stare at it long enough and you might even find a few famous faces! Needless to say, Scavenger Hunt-er Mahatma19 has a good eye!


We’re firm believers that every day is dog day in Downtown Long Beach, especially if your pawtner is as cute as Sumfone’s!


Discover Downtown-er Tarabreanne’s favorite DTLB beverage is from Loose Leaf Boba Company. Can you guess which drink this is? Could this be an Original Milk Tea, maybe it’s a Banana Foster Milk? Did Tarabreanne add boba to their bev? We’ll never know, but we do know we love Loose Leaf Boba Company. What’s your favorite drink there? Not sure? Guess it’s time to DISCOVER Downtown and find out. 


Everyone deserves to have a good mural selfie in their repertoire. After all, taking a good selfie is akin to creating a work of art. The angles, the lighting, the crop, it all comes together to… complete the “Outdoor Art Gallery” challenge for 350 points! What are you waiting for? Be like TisLili, find your favorite Downtown mural, and take a selfie in front of it!


Were you one of the thousands that experienced the amazing Independence Day fireworks on the Downtown waterfront? Bonus Challenge-er SeanWard really captured the moment! Unfortunately, you won’t get notified about Bonus Challenges unless you sign up to participate in the Summer Scavenger Hunt. Fortunately, you can still sign up to participate (the hunt runs through August 20).


Summer Scavenger Hunt-er omgitssarad didn’t just complete the Dog Days of Summer Challenge, omgitssarad blew it out of the water. A dog and hooman portrait? Under the historic Pine Avenue sign? Say no more, 350 points for you!


We’re so excited to see Downtown Discover-er Foxymelo98 out and about with Aaron and the Clean and Safe Team! Did you know that Aaron was recognized as Clean and Safe Team Member of the Quarter in March? You can learn more about him here! Next time you see Aaron, say hello! 


TisLili strikes again with a lovely photo taken at the recently opened Sugar Taco on Broadway and Magnolia Avenue. If you’ve yet to try this popular vegan spot, stop in for a Carne Asada Burrito or a heaping plate of Not Yo’ Nachos, and know you’re in for a delicious Midday meal.


Contrary to participant idontbehave’s username, we’re excited to report that they completed the Drink Up challenge with a wonderful photo of their beverage from Ground Hideout Coffee. What time is too late to have coffee? Here at the Alliance, we say, “Never!” Unless you enjoy sleep, then maybe before 4 PM, which conveniently, is when Ground Hideout closes for the day.

Discover Downtown: Scavenger Hunt runs through August 20. Sign up in just three steps, here