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The Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DTLB Alliance) is looking for interested new Board and Committee candidates.

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The Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DTLB Alliance or Alliance) is soliciting new Board and committee candidates for the upcoming 2024-2025 fiscal year. Deadline to apply is April 26, 2024. 

WHOBoard applications are open to Downtown business, residential, and commercial property owners who are passionate about contributing to the future of Downtown Long Beach! Committee applications are open to the same population, and others that contribute to the Downtown community.

WHY – Connection and involvement in your DTLB community

WHAT – Monthly Board and Committee meetings to offer leadership, share ideas, and facilitate stewardship

WHEN– The Governance Committee will review Board Applications as they are submitted, on a monthly basis. Interviews will be held in May. The election will begin in June and end in July. The Board term begins October 1, 2024.

Since 1937 the DTLB Alliance has served as a leader in Downtown Long Beach, dedicated to the management, marketing, security, maintenance, advocacy, economic and community development of our great Downtown!

DTLB Alliance Mission: Cultivate, preserve and promote a healthy, safe and prosperous Downtown for all.

While seats are limited, we encourage applications from all downtown stakeholders, regardless of eligibility. For the upcoming year, we anticipate two designated Board seats to become available: DPBIA Waterfront and PBID Standard. This is subject to change. For more information on Board eligibility and seat availability, please refer to the election procedures below, or email our General Manager Kelsey Mader at KelseyM@dlba.org.

Eligibility Maps

The Downtown Long Beach Alliance Board of Directors eligibility is contingent upon owning a commercial or residential property within the PBID boundaries or owning a business within the DPIA boundaries. See ELECTION PROCEDURES for more information.



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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA)?

The DLBA is a private non-profit organization operating on behalf of the tenants and property owners of Downtown Long Beach’s two Business Improvement Districts (BID). It is dedicated to the management, marketing, security, maintenance, advocacy, economic and community development of the assessment districts in cooperation with the City of Long Beach and the private sector.

What is a BID?

BIDs are self-assessment areas established and managed by business, residential, and commercial property owners to provide enhanced services above and beyond what the City of Long Beach provides. The first Downtown Long Beach BID, the Downtown Parking Improvement Area (DPIA), was established in 1973 by business owners. The second Downtown Long Beach BID, the Property Based Improvement District (PBID), was established by commercial property owners in 1998. Both of these BIDs are legally established by State of California legislation and approved by the Long Beach City Council.

Who manages the DLBA?

DLBA is a true public-private partnership governed by a Board of Directors, representing business, residential, and commercial property owners including the City of Long Beach. DLBA’s full-time management team includes professionals overseeing the Downtown’s marketing, economic development, clean and safe, advocacy and administration programs.

How do I become a member of the DLBA?

DLBA is not a membership-based organization. You are a stakeholder of either or both BIDs by virtue of the location of your business, residential, or commercial property. Please see the maps illustrating those boundaries: PBID and DPIA.

When does the DLBA Board of Directors meet?

The DLBA Board of Directors meet every even month (i.e., every other month) on the third Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. Throughout the year, the DLBA also hosts stakeholder mixers and other meetings to discuss community issues or events

Can the public attend these meetings?

Yes! The DLBA welcomes the community to attend Board of Directors meetings. In compliance with the State of California ‘s Brown Act, DLBA meetings are open to the public, and agendas are posted on our website, at the DLBA, and at City Hall. Each meeting also allows time for members of the public to address the Board on non-agenda items.