Every night, approximately 2,000 people experience homelessness in Long Beach. Being unhoused and keeping some semblance of routine is nearly impossible. One begins to lose touch with the little things that make life manageable, the creature comforts like a hot shower, clean shave, brushed hair, fresh breath, and moisturized skin. Homeless service providers in Downtown and throughout Long Beach use hot showers, personal hygiene products, and food to build trust and keep people connected to the norms of society while they work together on the larger issues preventing permanent housing, rehabilitation, and employment. 

The Downtown Long Beach Alliance created the Fresh Start campaign to assist people experiencing homelessness in Downtown by supporting those service providers making the greatest impact on our local unhoused population. Bath towels, toothbrushes, soap, brushes, deodorant, and feminine products are always in demand. Non-profits like U.S. Vets and the Long Beach Rescue Mission rely on the generosity of donors like you to fulfill their mission. 

Your support of the Fresh Start campaign enables non-profit service providers to offer hot showers and personal hygiene supplies to our unhoused neighbors most in need while ensuring a healthier and safer Downtown community for us all. Most importantly, you are contributing to a person regaining a piece of everyday life with dignity and helping to dissolve the separateness between a person experiencing homelessness and the rest of society. It is a door through which some will come to accept services, which may include housing, mental health treatment, substance abuse counseling, job training, and other community contacts.

Make a donation using Amazon or Target’s online gift registry, or donate directly to U.S. Vets and Long Beach Rescue Mission—it’s really that easy to begin making a difference in our community!

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U.S. Vets

U.S.VETS is on a mission to end veteran homelessness in the United States. “The streets” are simply no place for veterans; no place for the many men and women who volunteered, giving of themselves and their youth, to protect our great freedoms. Annually, U.S.VETS — Long Beach provides wrap-around services to over 3,000 veterans and their families. In addition to housing, career services and counseling, U.S.VETS provides emergency shelter with hot showers, warm meals, and hygiene kits.

Long Beach Rescue Mission

Offering food, rest, clothing, hygiene – Long Beach Rescue Mission is a refuge from daily despair for many homeless men and women, providing a way off the streets and help getting them on to the road to recovery. Long Beach Rescue Mission is comprised of two facilities. The Samaritan House serves as a home for men while Lydia House offers a safe haven for women and their children.


Step 1

Choose a service provider that you would like to support and click on their Support button.

Step 2

You will be taken directly to the Fresh Start’s donations page on Amazon or Target’s gift registry page. Towels and other hygiene products are available for purchase will be displayed for you to choose the quantity. This process is very similar to other purchases you may have made on Amazon, Target Online, Macy’s Gift Registry and Walmart Online.

Step 3

Complete your purchase using the Guest Purchase option or your own Amazon or Target credit card on file.

Step 4

Under “Other Addresses”, select the address listed with the note “Gift Registry Address” for direct shipment. Your thoughtful donation will be delivered to the selected service provider and depending on your selected preference, you may be informed of delivery.

Step 5

You will receive a receipt from the service provider for your tax-deductible donation in the mail.