Property Based Improvement District (PBID)

A tool to shape the future of Downtown Long Beach


The Property Based Improvement District (PBID) is a tool for commercial and residential property owners to collectively fund services, activities and programs above and beyond what is typically provided by the City of Long Beach. The PBID transforms assessments into enhanced services described in a Management Plan to create a cleaner, safer and more vibrant Downtown Long Beach. This includes pressure washing, clean teams, safety ambassadors, homeless outreach, beautification programs, economic development, marketing, and special events.

The PBID was first established by Downtown property owners in 1998. Property owners agreed to extend services twice: in 2003 and again in 2012 for another ten-year term which ends on December 31, 2022. For the past 25 years, the PBID has been effectively managed by the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DLBA), a 501(c)6 non-profit organization founded in 1937. 

The proposed PBID Management Plan was informed and shaped by an extensive strategic planning process undertaken during the first half of 2021. With input gained from interviews, roundtable discussions, leadership meetings and an online survey from more than 500 downtown stakeholders, and developed under the guidance of a 35-member steering committee and the DLBA Board, the strategic plan explored how the PBID could help Downtown Long Beach recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in the near term, and respond to anticipated trends that will shape downtown in the longer term.  

Based on stakeholder feedback, five guiding principles were established for the new strategic plan and ultimately, for continuation of PBID services:

Clean and safe is fundamental

Strengthen existing businesses, encourage entrepreneurship & innovation

Promote Downtown and its unique neighborhoods

Showcase Downtown’s beauty, creativity and sense of place

Be a leading voice for Downtown

The proposed Management Plan, which includes proposed service additions and enhancements as well as boundary expansion, embodies these goals.

This year, commercial and residential property owners within the district have the opportunity to vote on the proposed services and boundaries that would begin on January 1, 2023 and run for another ten-year term.

What is the renewal process?

There are two main phases in the PBID renewal process:

Petition Phase (COMPLETED). Commercial and residential property owners were mailed a petition and the PBID Management Plan summary outlining the boundaries, services and costs of the proposed district. During this period, which began in February 2022 and ran through April 15, petition signatures were collected to put the PBID to a property owner ballot vote. A majority of signed petitions in favor of the PBID were required to put the PBID on the ballot weighted based on property assessments. The signed petition goal in favor of proceeding to a ballot vote (50% + 1) was exceeded.

Ballot Phase. Now that the petition signature requirement has been met, Long Beach City Council is expected to soon approve a Resolution of Intention, set a Public Hearing and Ballot Tabulation date, and send a ballot directly to commercial and residential property owners with anticipated assessment rates for their parcel(s) for the first year of the district. Property owners will be asked to return their ballots to the City of Long Beach. If the ballot phase of the process receives a majority YES vote from property owners, based on assessments, the Long Beach City Council has the opportunity to ratify the district renewal. The City’s ballot and ratification process is expected to be completed in July.

Where are we in the process?



Download the Management Plan

Feb 1 Property Owner Petition Collection Period Begins
Feb 24 Downtown Resident Informational Forum
Feb 26 Downtown Resident Informational Forum
Mar 15 City Council Authorization for City Manager to Sign Petitions
Mar 24 Celebrate Downtown
Apr 15 Petition Return Date
May City Council Meeting "Resolution of Intention"
May Property Owner Ballot Campaign Collection Period Begins
June Property Owner Ballot Campaign Collection Period Ends
June/July City Council Public Hearing & Tabulation

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 With the petition phase successfully completed, we are now in the ballot phase. DLBA anticipates that the City of Long Beach will soon set dates to approve a Resolution of Intention and establish a Pubic Hearing and Ballot Tabulation date. Once this is set, the City will mail ballots directly to all commercial and residential property owners to officially vote on renewing the district. Property owners will be asked to return their ballots to the City. This web page will be updated as soon as specific dates are set.

What are the proposed PBID Services?


The proposed PBID will finance improvements and activities that will enhance the Downtown environment and experience for all Downtown stakeholders, including property owners, businesses, residents, employees, and visitors.

Clean and Safe (enhanced services)

Trash and debris removal

Graffiti & sticker abatement

Cleaning of street fixtures

Weeding and light landscaping

Spot cleaning

Safety Ambassadors

Nuisance calls

Safety escorts within the district

Vehicle jumpstarts

Tree Trimming

Visitor and tourist services

Pressure washing in the Standard Zone moves from once every six weeks to once every four weeks and continues weekly in the Premium Zone.

Homeless Outreach adds an experienced caseworker to provide more robust assistance to unhoused individuals in the District, collaborating with social service agencies, non-profits and City departments to address their needs and connect individuals to services and housing.

Economic Development services strengthen existing businesses and support entrepreneurship and innovation in Downtown, including creation of a Business Navigator role to help in several areas: filling vacant storefronts, assisting with City permit processes, marketing Downtown to the broader leasing community, and helping property owners understand the evolving office and retail markets.

Place Management projects and initiatives are used to make Downtown more visually attractive, enhance the sense of place, and celebrate the unique culture of Long Beach. Such activities can include, but are not limited to, activating outdoor spaces, planting trees, signage, festive lighting, wayfinding and public art.

Marketing & Special Events promote Downtown as a whole and as a unique collection of neighborhoods, generate visitors and customers to support Downtown businesses, highlight and celebrate the diversity of Long Beach, and build awareness of DLBA programs and services.

Measurable Results

What Impact Does PBID Have in Downtown?

Below are several categories that represent approximate average numbers in a year

sq ft. of pressure washing

pounds of trash collected

business assistance

graffiti/stickers removed

visitor and resident assistance

business and community grants

DLBA generated $317,000 of earned media coverage promoting businesses and neighborhoods in Downtown. (Ad equivalency)

What are Proposed District Boundaries and Benefit Zones?

For the proposed PBID renewal, the district encompasses the core of Downtown Long Beach, including approximately 70 blocks that are bounded approximately by Shoreline Drive to the south, Golden Shore to the west, and Alamitos Avenue to the east. The northern boundary is 3rd Street along the western part of the district, 8th Street in the central part and 4th Street along the eastern part. The district is being expanded to the north along the Pacific Avenue corridor to 8th Street, and to include the Convention Center building and major walkways. Based on feedback, the proposed PBID also includes a change from Standard to Premium zone for the area north of 6th Street and south of 8th Street, and between Pacific Ave and Long Beach Blvd.

The map below on the left shows the expanded service areas in the proposed PBID. The current PBID is displayed on the right.


“The PBID provides a significant return on investment. It enhances our efforts to keep sidewalks next to our property clean and safe, attracts businesses to fill vacant spaces, and brings people from across the region to discover and enjoy Downtown.”

Sean Rawson

Commercial Property Owner, Co-Founder, Waterford Property Company

“Even as the pandemic hit, DLBA clean and safe teams showed up every day to support businesses, properties and residents during a very difficult time. It was also great to see DLBA leading efforts to provide much-needed economic lifelines to help businesses and independent contractors survive.”

Sheva Hosseinzadeh

Business Representative, VP, Coldwell Banker Commercial

“Renewing the PBID is a “no-brainer” for any residential property owner within the boundary. For about $90 a year on my 960 sq. ft. condo property tax bill, I will get clean sidewalks, graffiti and sticker removal, and safer streets. Plus the PBID provides critical support for the Taste of Downtown, Buskerfest, Fireworks shows, and many other downtown activities. Downtown wouldn’t be the same without the PBID.”

Pat Welch


“As a resident, I see the positive impact every day of the numerous programs and services initiated by DLBA that make our Downtown cleaner and safer.”

Denise Carter

Resident, Global VP, Designory

“I can’t imagine Downtown without PBID services – especially after the last two years of this pandemic. Litter-ridden streets, fewer eyes ensuring our safety, and a dramatic reduction in the promotion and development of neighborhoods like the East Village.”

Kamran Assadi,

Business Owner, Utopia Restaurant

DLBA Board of Directors

Graham Gill,
Lee & Associates

Michael Gold,
Long Beach Transit

Michael Vitug,
Intertrend Communications

Sheva Hosseinzadeh,
Coldwell Banker Commercial

Sam Pierzina,
Ensemble Investments

Bob Kelton,
Residential Representative

Cheryl Roberts,
SITE Centers

Rhonda Love,
Dreamkreator Studio

Laurie Gray,
The Pie Bar

Alan Pullman,
Studio One Eleven

Debra Fixen,
Shoreline Village

Alan Burks,
Environ Architecture

Denise Carter,

Allison Kripp,
The Den Salon

Isidro Panuco,

Sean Rawson,
Waterford Property Company

Eric Lopez,
City of Long Beach

Loara Cadavona,
Chair, Residential Representative

Pat Welch,
Residential Representative

Cameron Andrews,
Pier Communications

Scott Apel,
Cal State University Long Beach

Amy Chambers,

Monica Garrett,
Margaux Agency

Jeremy Harris,
Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

Griselda Suarez,
Arts Council for Long Beach

Mary Zendejas,
Councilmember CD1

Cindy Allen,

Honorary (Non-Voting)

Diane Arnold,

Don Darnauer,

PBID Renewal Steering Committee

Loara Cadavona,

Denise Carter,

Sheva Hosseinzadeh,
Coldwell Banker Commercial Blair WESTMAC

Sam Pierzina,
Ensemble Real Estate Investments 

Debra Fixen,
Shoreline Village

Eric Lopez,
City of Long Beach

Alan Pullman,
Studio One Eleven/RDC

Allison Kripp,
Den Salon

Alan Burks,
Environ Architecture

Ryan Altoon,

Sean Rawson,
Waterford Properties

Wade Guang,
InterTrend Communications

Jeffrey Forney,

Cheryl Roberts,
SITE Centers

Peter Johnson,

Bob Kelton,

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