Meet Martha Rangel and Regina McCullum, who have been recognized as Employees of the Quarter by the leaders of DLBA’s Clean and Safe Teams.

The two hard-working and dedicated Long Beach natives can be found on their routes eight hours a day, seven days a week, establishing positive connections with residents and merchants while helping make Downtown streets better.

“I love LB and I like it to be clean,” said Martha Rangel, who was born just up the road at St. Mary’s Hospital, graduated from Poly High School, and now lives Downtown, not far from DLBA. “That’s why I work here with the Clean Crew. I care for my city.”  

Rangel, who has been a Clean Team member for almost two years, was selected to be a member of a Special Projects group that does graffiti removal and any other Clean Team task which requires special tools. She spends much of her time on Ocean Boulevard, Pine Avenue, and Long Beach Boulevard.  

As she goes about her duties, Rangel is often approached by residents, shop owners, and city workers who thank her for her hard work. She gets offers to help from street residents, to whom she’ll give trash bags. She is also able to provide them with bottled water and donated clothing.

During her off days, Rangel keeps it simple, taking care of housecleaning, laundry, and shopping. The Downtown resident loves to take relaxing bike rides down by the beach. 

Rangel is proud to be named Employee of the Quarter. “It makes me feel good inside, and makes me want to work harder,” she said.  

Regina McCullum, a Jordan High School graduate, cultivated her strong work ethic while growing up in the Wrigley District. “I’ve always been a hard worker,” she explained. “I’ve been working since I was 15, and I’ve always been into cleaning. I hope to open my own cleaning business someday.”  

McCullum, like Rangel, works five eight-hour shifts a week, also spending lots of time on Long Beach Boulevard and Pine Avenue. Her main focus is keeping the area clean from storefront to curb line. On any given day she could do four or five circuits of her route. 

She has been on the job since last January, and gets compliments daily from business owners and residents who offer their assistance. “They know me by name and help me out,” McCullum said. “When you’re on the same route five days a week, you get to know each other.” 

McCullum devotes her Sundays and Mondays to church, hanging out with her son, “mainly resting and catching up with everything,” she said. 

Honored to be distinguished as a Clean and Safe Team Employee of the Quarter, McCullum gives respect to her entire team. “I feel like we matter — and I know we make a difference,” she said.  

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