Meet Lisa Allen and Nathaly Falcon, who we are excited to recognize as DLBA’s July Clean and Safe Team Employees of the Quarter. Both team members are appreciated for their dedication to their jobs and their ability to engage with the Downtown population in all its diversity.

Lisa Allen

Clean Team Member Lisa Allen, who was born and raised in L.A. and graduated from Pasadena High School, came to Long Beach two years ago. She has been at her job on the Clean Team for just over a year. 

Her personal traits and concerns about the world make her well-suited for the task. “I was always a clean freak when I was younger,” she said. Tired of office jobs, Allen wanted to be outdoors and do her part for the environment. 

Her pet peeves on Downtown sidewalks are cigarette butts. “I also hate to see so many straws, because they’re so bad for the ocean,” said Allen, who makes regular donations to Greenpeace, World Wildlife Federation, and the ASPCA.  

In her spare time, Allen enjoys going to movies and live music shows. After a long shift on the hot Downtown streets, she cherishes a good night’s sleep as well. 

Nathaly Falcon

Safety Ambassador Nathaly Falcon can be found five days a week on one of the Safe Team’s five Downtown routes. She likes that there are so many people to meet and talk to during the course of her day. “I enjoy being social with a lot of people,” she said. “I’m not scared to talk to anyone on our Downtown streets. I feel you should try to talk to everyone.” 

Falcon, from Compton, graduated from Jordan High School in North Long Beach. She and her husband live in Norwalk. On weekends, she enjoys supporting her husband’s soccer efforts; He’s a goalie who plays all over the L.A. basin. She loves hanging out with him at the park or going out to eat after his games. 

“From working all those safety routes, I’ve memorized Downtown,” said Falcon, who is always ready with a hotel or restaurant referral for visitors she meets. She has been a Safety Ambassador for 18 months. 

Next time you see a Clean Team Member or Safety Ambassador, don’t be shy about sharing an encouraging word! They are committed to helping make Downtown the best it can be, and are always here to help.

sWant to learn more about our Clean & Safe Team? Visit downtownlongbeach.org/clean-safe. For Clean & Safe Team employment opportunities, click here.