A few short years ago the odd intersection at 7th and Alamitos was dubbed one of the most dangerous in all of the city. In 2015, construction began on a project to add public space and do away with the dangerous street once and for all, that project is Robert Gumbiner Park and it will be unveiled this Sunday, April 23 with a grand opening event. Located at 880 East 7th Street the event starts at 1:00 pm and will feature a live DJ, food trucks, activities and more.

The park will benefit the 32,000 residents who live within a half-mile radius.

“Gumbiner Park is a game changer for one of the most park-poor areas of the city,” said Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez in a statement. “This new park will bring people out of their homes to experience new activists such as yoga, the arts, and skateboarding.”

“I am excited to see this project come to completion,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a statement. “We have invested years into this park in order to provide much needed recreational open space, a safer environment, and a better traffic intersection for Long Beach residents.”

The 36,590 square-foot park includes a small performance area, playgrounds, a skate plaza, shade structures, a picnic area and public art pieces donated by the nearby Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA) and Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum (PIEAM).

Also aiming to be eco-friendly, the park incorporates sustainability design features that include the use of recycled pavement, a bioswale that retains and filters storm water, large canopied trees and a new green space in a fully built-out area.

The development of the park was made possible through $2.83 Million in funds secured from the Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Program (Prop 84).