There are certain healing and cleansing remedies that can’t be found on the health products aisle of your local supermarket. If you’re looking to achieve good health and balance at a spiritual level, Downtown is host to some businesses that will help you explore that realm.

It’s a great time of year for spirit cleansing! Visit these shops to find new ways to feel good, make your surroundings more beautiful, or just to help you contemplate the nature of existence. 


ReCircle Home / 501 E Broadway

It could be said that ReCircle Home deals in good vibes! Check out their shelves packed with a huge selection of crystals, which, besides being objects of great beauty, are used to align and balance the body’s energy fields. 

The shop, which has been part of the East Village since 2016, is stocked with herbs, incense, candles, jewelry, books, tarot cards and other magical goods. ReCircle Home is a wonderful place to shop when you’re creating a better space for yourself, or gifting someone to help them achieve this!

To see more merchandise, shop online, learn about crystals, shop hours and much more, click here. Make sure to follow ReCircle Home on Instagram.   


Green Wisdom Herbal Studies / 702 Cedar Ave

Whether you dabble in herbs for cooking and gardening or are aiming to become a full-fledged herbalist, Green Wisdom Herbal Studies is the perfect place for you to meet with like-minded folks and expand your knowledge of healing plants. 

Herbalist Julie James, the driving force behind Green Wisdom, has been a holistic healing teacher since the ’80s. She began her deep love of plants well before that. “A blend of science and magic, of awe and intellect, has informed my learning, my teaching, and my practice,” James said.  

Schedule a consultation or attend some classes and be educated about the benefits of such healing plants as Butcher’s Broom, Mugwort, Prickly Ash, and Wormwood! 

There are over 100 hours of FREE classes offered on Green Wisdom’s Facebook page. To donate to the support of these classes, see the shop’s extensive healing plants list, and to learn about classes, workshops, and events, click here. Check out the shop’s Instagram here.     


The Elemental Shop / 312 Elm Ave

The Elemental Shop states on its website that it is “a metaphysical store dedicated to wisdom and empowerment for those on a spiritual journey.” You can feel that vibe the moment you walk in. 

The shop encourages people from all walks of life to visit, meet kindred spirits, and get help during their own journeys of transformation. 

Crystals, teas, smudge sticks, tarot decks, candles, and more spirit-enhancing items are there for you. Cauldrons and books of spells are available for those who practice magick!

To learn more about attending or booking an event at The Elemental Shop, schedule an Intuitive Reading, and see the complete selection of items for sale, click here. Keep up with the shop on Instagram.     


The Dark Art Emporium / 121 W 4th St   

Imagine, in your darkest thoughts, a place that makes you look into the abyss, yet is also gift-y! That’s the Dark Art Emporium, a most unusual establishment that definitely offers its own take on things spiritual.  

Gift your best friend with a trophy skull from Borneo or maybe a framed Peanut-Nosed Lanternfly. They’ll be pondering their existence in no time!  Dark Art hoodies and t-shirts are a BIT more tame than that — but will still reach out and touch people.  

This place is a unique must-visit, with all kinds of macabre things in its permanent collection and always-haunting art exhibitions passing through regularly. 

For a Dark Art Emporium virtual tour, a complete list of oddities for sale (with photos!), current exhibition details, and Emporium hours, click here, and don’t forget to follow on Instagram.


MAKE Collectives / 430 E 1st St

This spot has the coolest inventory: Plants, vintage shoes, vinyl records, dresses, and SO much more — including the handiwork of many local makers — can be found at this East Village one-stop shop.  

There’s a section devoted to Mind and Body: Guided journal books, crystal jewelry, white sage incense sticks, and purposeful ritual spell candles are among the items you’ll find that will help perpetuate harmonious living!    

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