Considering the illustrious history of Pine Avenue, it would be no small feat to be named the King and Queen of that prestigious thoroughfare.  Yet this is exactly what has happened to Michelle and George, the Downtown Long Beach Alliance Clean and Safe Team’s Employees of the 3rd Quarter.  

Michelle and George have been affectionately dubbed the Queen and King of Pine Avenue by their fellow Clean and Safe Team ambassadors for making connections with, and being well known by, every segment of the Downtown population –  visitors, residents, the homeless community, Downtown employees—and their pets as well.  

Michelle was born and raised in Los Angeles and still lives there.  Like George, she is assigned exclusively to the Pine Avenue Clean and Safe Team route.  And, like George, she’s a hard-working Team member. She goes above and beyond with her good cheer.  The smiles she puts on peoples’ faces is her favorite job reward.  

Michelle, who will be celebrating her first anniversary with the Clean and Safe Team in November, has one son who is her pride and joy.  Her joy radiates to the people she meets on Pine Avenue. She’s on a first-name basis with many.  

George, celebrating one year with the Clean and Safe Team this month, is originally from Louisiana.  He moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and relocated to Long Beach four months ago. His favorite part of the job is the fresh air and exercise he gets during his shifts on Pine Avenue.  He averages 15,000 steps per shift, which works out to between five and seven miles.  

That’s plenty of opportunity for George to keep cultivating the mutually appreciative relationship he has with the Pine Avenue community.  Like Michelle, positive good cheer is his stock in trade.  

George likes to relax and listen to music with his three cats when he’s not on Pine Avenue. He stays motivated at work by giving back to the community and being appreciated in return.  

Clean and Safe Team ambassadors Michelle and George may be called the Queen and King of Pine Avenue, but it is the business owners, residents and visitors who come into contact with them daily that get treated like royalty.