After thirty years of sitting empty, the southeast corner of Pine and Ocean in DTLB is about to become a new public space.

Under the leadership of Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal and with the support of the City of Long Beach, the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) is pleased to announce that Stereo.Bot will be leading the design for a temporary outdoor public space at the southeast corner of Ocean Blvd. and Pine Ave. DLBA will oversee the construction and management of the project.

Dubbed The Loop, this part art installation, part event space is entirely devoted to the public sphere. The Loop will bring much-needed activation to the 7,700 sq. ft. space that has been dormant after the Jergins Trust Building, which previously occupied the property, was demolished in 1985. The targeted opening of the temporary space is April 2016 and it is anticipated to have a minimum presence of two years before permanent development begins for the property.

“The creation of a new social gathering space in Downtown Long Beach will give its residents, visitors, and workers a place to relax, socialize, and enjoy the outdoors,” said Sean Warner, DLBA Placemaking Manager. “The team of Stereo.Bot, Gensler, and Valley Crest have designed the space so that it is both eye-catching and welcoming in nature. The space will be able to accommodate a variety of activities and programming options from reception space for conventioneers to fitness classes to musical performances, such as our own Live After 5. We look forward to working with our community partners in bringing life to The Loop.”

Stereo.Bot, known for its fabric-covered geometric installations at massive events such as Coachella, specializes in creating dynamic, temporary installations that are flexible and vibrant. Following the end of The Loop’s term at Pine and Ocean, the structure itself will be moveable, becoming a part of another neighborhood in need of activation.

DLBA will oversee the installation and construction of the project and also lead the charge to activate it with events, programming and management following its opening.

“I am thrilled to have partnered with DLBA to finally activate this corner of Ocean and Pine,” said Vice Mayor Lowenthal. “The Loop will serve as a focal point no matter the direction one is heading, while giving our City and business district a creative and evolving space that captures our spirit of innovation.”

For more information, including updates and the ability to sign up for The Loop’s newsletter, please visit: www.theloopdtlb.com