The bedrock of any community, public safety is paramount to DTLB’s success. The National Safety Council (NSC) has designated June as National Safety Month, and the DLBA is proud to participate. The NSC, along with thousands of safety-minded organizations across the country, observe National Safety Month every June to raise awareness of what it takes to “Keep Each Other Safe.” Throughout the month, the we, at the DLBA, will feature and keep you up to date on all things related to staying safe in Downtown Long Beach.

By increasing and improving communication between local security agencies and activating neighbors through community engagement, the DLBA is diligent in its pursuit of a safe and secure Downtown.The influence of the men and women who comprise our clean and safe teams is immeasurable. Every morning our clean team begins emptying trash and recycling receptacles, removing graffiti, and cleaning sidewalks.

Meanwhile our safety ambassadors work closely with the Long Beach Police Department to keep crime rates down and provide enhanced security services. Downtowners can find them on duty 15 hours a day to offer helpful advice and directions to residents and visitors alike – they are DLBA’s public ambassadors. In an increased effort to provide resources to the homeless, our Community Outreach Manager accepted a board position on the Long Beach Area Coalition for the Homeless and the Continuum of Care to ensure DTLB stakeholders are represented.

The Clean Team consists of day and night workers—from sweepers to pressure washers—dedicated to keeping DTLB accessible and clean seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Downtown Safety Ambassadors are the men and women who patrol the central business district in DTLB on bike and on foot 13 to 19 hours a day. Assisting the Long Beach Police Department, property owners and tenants, they help reduce crime and street disorders. They’re trustworthy, friendly representatives who aren’t afraid to converse or engage. Maintaining a clean, safe and secure Downtown is integral to the DLBA’s mission and to the quality of life in our urban core.