It’s never too late for Pride—at least, that’s what the I Am photo exhibit inside MADE in Long Beach in DTLB proves.

Featuring a plethora of Long Beach’s finest from the LGBTQ community and its allies, these portraits shot by local photographer Sean Laughlin and presented by Get Out LB are strewn about the back room of MADE.

Inspired by Adam Bouska’s iconic NOH8 campaign—which was created due to the 2008 passage of the anti-marriage equality bill known as Prop 8 in California—Get Out LB founder Sal Flores wanted to do something that wasn’t about a singular political issue and more about individuality within the community.

”I want to focus on individuals, families, pets, friends and showcase their uniqueness in their own way,” Flores said. “It’s about being happy with who you are, loving yourself, your community, and showing the world you are proud of it. We come in all shapes, colors, religions, genders, sizes, ethnicities—and we are all a big proud LGBT Community.”

As for why DTLB?

“Long Beach is changing; Downtown has changed,” Flores said. “If I want to be inclusive and show the Long Beach community who we are, we need to change with the community, embrace it, and live it. I’m not saying the ‘Gayborhood’ [Broadway between Cherry and Alamitos] isn’t good; we know it’s there and it will always be there. It’s time to embrace our community at large and show everyone we’re just like them—just a little more fierce.”

We can be proud of that. No question.