It’s time to get your dog on, Long Beach, as Dog Haus—the gastropub-like franchise whose roots begin in Pasadena and have stretched outward—will be opening its DTLB location along the Promenade just north of Michael’s Pizzeria on January 29.

And they want you to re-think the hot dog by giving away a free—yes, free—hot dog when doors open at 10:30AM.

Founded by partners Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz and André Vener (with a self-described passion for “creativity, quality and commitment to community”), this eatery’s owner, Tenny Magerdichian, already opened a USC location in Los Angeles shortly before focusing on Long Beach.

“We had 1,400 people lined up on opening day,” Magerdichian said. “And hey, if 1,400 people show up Friday, then we’ll handle it—and be thrilled about it.”

We got to dig in on some of the Haus’ offerings and felt obligated to share with samples of their cheese tots, chili cheese fries, burgers and dogs.

Do not feel relegated to the joint’s namesake offering as its “haus burgers” have also made a name for the small-but-mighty franchise—especially trademarked The Freiburger [pictured above]. This massive ode to excess is smothered with white American cheese, mayo, in-house slaw, and topped with a sunny side up egg and french fries.

Vegetarians, fear not, as a veggie patty and veggie dog available (but with their King Hawaiian buns as the house bread, it’ll be hard to go vegan here).

In other words, Long Beach: eat your heart out.