You may have seen it in the press lately – the Queen Mary is in need of repair. And Urban Commons, the real estate firm that operates the destination, has unveiled a plan to help pay for the repairs.

They are proposing a new $250-million entertainment complex on the waterfront area next to the ship dubbed “Queen Mary Island” that would include dining, shopping, live music and even zip-lining. All this is done with the idea in mind that revenue from the development would help pay for sprucing up the Queen Mary.

Queen Mary Island would become a major tourist attraction for Long Beach, but would be intended to appeal to locals as well. Visitors would walk down a 2,400-foot-long boardwalk and past a new small-boat marina to visit cafes, bars and shops. Also proposed is a a 200-room hotel and an open-air amphitheater for concerts.

Urban Commons also plans to introduce the first US location of London-based Urban Legacies, which provides experiential adventure like ice climbing, trampolining, zip-lining, surfing, kayaking and simulated skydiving.

“Queen Mary Island will invigorate our downtown core,” Mayor Robert Garcia said to the LA Times. City Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce said the development would “bring the great history of Long Beach’s most iconic landmark to life” while stimulating the local economy.

Urban Commons plans to raise the funds to develop Queen Mary Island on its own, without taxpayer assistance.