Lovers of fish’n’beer can rejoice: in honor of its 2nd Anniversary, DTLB seafood staple Pier 76 will give a whole new meaning to Taco Tuesday throughout the month of August, offering up diners their famed smoked fish tacos for 76 cents and full servings of their craft beer offerings for $3.

Yeah, that means you can get two (not tiny) smoked fish tacos and a full pint of craft beer for under $5.

The offer, happening every Tuesday from 2PM until closing, is a way of saying thank you according to owner and chef Chris Krajacic.

”DTLB has welcomed us with open arms—and I really mean that,” Krajacic said. “The restaurant business isn’t easy… Most restaurants depend on their bar to maintain some level of balance in their first year but we’ve been blessed to have patrons that come and come again. This is our way of showing how grateful we are to be a part of the Long Beach family.”

The success of Pier 76 shouldn’t be underestimated. After moving from cramped quarters at the Cooper Arms Building at Ocean & Linden to its more spacious home at 1st & Pine, Pier 76 is the place where it is rare to not see it buzzing. Krajacic’s success in DTLB allowed him to open a second location in Cerritos, where outsiders are beginning to discover Long Beach’s love of the seafood joint.

Worried about not getting tacos on Tuesday? Fear not.

”Oh, we’re prepared,” Krajacic said. “We promise you that we won’t run out of tacos. We’re encouraging you to order as many as you think you can handle.”