The City of Long Beach recently mailed an official ballot with instructions and first-year PBID assessments to all Downtown property owners. The ballot was sent in a plain white envelope with the following on the front: OFFICIAL BALLOT ENCLOSED, Downtown Long Beach Property-Based Improvement District.

Example Outgoing Envelope

Property owners are asked to return a signed ballot before the July 19 City Council meeting when votes will be opened and counted. The ballots should be mailed back to the city or delivered in person to the City Clerk, 411 W. Ocean Blvd, 11th floor.

DLBA encourages a YES vote to support the future of DTLB. If approved, the new Downtown PBID would take effect on January 1, 2023 and continue for the next decade. Below is a Q&A about the ballots. A sample ballot and details on the Downtown PBID are available on the DLBA website.


PBID Ballot Q&A 

Where are we in the PBID renewal process?
On May 24, Long Beach City Council approved a resolution of intention that set the parameters for property owners to formally vote on renewing the PBID for the next ten years. As a reminder, commercial and residential property owners in April agreed to put the PBID renewal to a ballot vote. The required petition signatures (50% + 1 of assessments) were exceeded.

What is the next step?
In the beginning of June, the city mailed an Official Assessment Ballot with voting instructions to all property owners in Downtown. The materials were sent in a white envelope and included a blue-colored return envelope. Property owners are asked to return a signed ballot to the City Clerk before the July 19 council meeting.

What exactly is on the ballot?
The ballot includes the property owner’s name, mailing address, parcel identification and total assessment for the first year of the new district. The ballot also includes an area for property owners to vote YES or NO on the proposed PBID. Owners are required to print their names and sign the ballot for it to be valid. Information on the ballot procedures and instructions on how to complete and deliver the ballot are included n the mailing. 

If I’ve already sent back a signed petition to approve renewal of the PBID, do I still need to vote by ballot?
YES. These are two separate requirements set by the state, so it’s important to sign and return your official assessment ballot. 

Can I send my signed ballot electronically?
No.  The city requires ballots to be returned via mail or dropped off in-person at the City Clerk’s office prior to the close of the Public Hearing to be counted. 

Where do I send or drop off the signed assessment ballot?
The city requires ballots to be mailed back or delivered in-person to the City Clerk’s Office, 411 W. Ocean Blvd, 11th floor. A return envelope is provided in the mailing by the city. On July 19, the city is expected to open and count the ballots in an open council session. DLBA is encouraging property owners to have their ballots in the Clerk’s office by July 18 to ensure they are received in time. Per city guidelines, ballots received after the close of the public hearing will not be considered even if the postmark on an envelope is dated on or before July 19, 2022.

If the PBID is approved by property owners, what is the next step?
On July 19, City Council is scheduled to open and count the votes. The outcome of the vote is expected to be announced before the end of the hearing. If the ballots are in favor of the proposed district, weighted by assessments, the new district would begin on January 1, 2023 and continue for the next ten years.

What if I lose, spoil, or damage my ballot?
If you lose, spoil or damage your assessment ballot, please contact the city’s consultant, Nick Dayhoff of NBS Consulting at (800) 676-7516.

Who at DLBA can I contact if I have any questions?
There are two ways to reach out:  Fill out the “Contact Us” form which can be found on the PBID section of the website (see top right navigation) or send an email to Austin Metoyer at AustinM@dlba.org.