A Long Beach dreamer wants you to go on an escapade with him, one that takes place in “one of those luxury modules—like a limousine in the air”—one that flies from DTLB, across the ocean, and toward the south shore of Long Beach.

Former Long Beach Harbor Commissioner Alex Bellehumeur proposed just that to the newly-minted Queen Mary Task Force on April 6, echoing the “Save the Queen” campaign that was proposed nearly five years ago.

”Ultimately it will combine the downtown area and bring it all together in just a fun way to experience our wonderful City of Long Beach,” Bellehumeur told the task force.

Dubbed “The Wave,” Bellehumeur’s proposal would car people aboard cable cars suspended some 110 feet above the water, stretching from the Aquarium to Hotel Maya, Hotel Maya to the Queen Mary, Queen Mary to the Carnival Cruise terminal.

Though a far cry from reality, Bellehumeur insists that the project—which he claims has $4M in funding already secured—is completely possible.

What do you think, DTLB? Bring on the aerial tram?