We love DTLB’s culinary scene specifically because it is so unique. And it is so unique because the vast variety of eateries are either locally owned or unique to Long Beach, giving visitors and patrons alike distinct offerings that run the full gastronomical gamut. This is precisely why we’ve created this series, Off the Menu DTLB. This series seeks to explore grub and drinks that are either not on the menu whatsoever at a DTLB joint or, perhaps, aren’t so blatantly advertised or just seem offbeat.

Okay, hold on with us here for a second. Iced coffee. With grapefruit. And basil.

And it’s not only unlike anything you’ve ever had but it’s incredibly delicious.

Dubbed the Iced Basilfruit and created by Recreational Coffee owner Bobby Hernandez, this perfect-for-summer concoction uses Case’s Casa Viejo—a gorgeous, fully-washed coffee sourced from the growing region of Marino in Colombia and produced by Aura Perez—and adds a house-made grapefruit concentrate and basic simple syrup. (They had been using Coava’s limited edition Honduras bean from David Mancia but, per the Recreational ethic, they use what is in and what is sustainable.)

Reactions have been nothing short of great; in fact, when they debuted the drink this past weekend, they sold over 40 drinks in a single day.

While Recreational attempts to work out a deal with Rainbow Juices to source the grapefruit, for now, the insanely addictive drink is made entirely in-house and will run you $5 (and that is five bucks well spent).

Recreational Coffee is located in DTLB at 237 Long Beach Blvd.