We love DTLB’s culinary scene specifically because it is so unique. And it is so unique because the vast variety of eateries are either locally owned or unique to Long Beach, giving visitors and patrons alike distinct offerings that run the full gastronomical gamut. This is precisely why we’ve created this series, Off the Menu DTLB. This series seeks to explore grub and drinks that are either not on the menu whatsoever at a DTLB joint or, perhaps, aren’t so blatantly advertised or just seem offbeat.

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What’s that you say, New York Times? Breakfast is—*gasp*—not magical? While the title is misleading (since the article was actually about the health benefits or lack thereof when eating an early meal each day), we have concerns with even remotely saying such blasphemous things.

Case in point: Potholder Cafe Too’s Flintstone French Toast.

This wonderful creation is a staple of the breakfast canon—the classic and humble French toast—dipped in Fruity Pebbles. Yes, you read that right. Add some butter and whipped cream and you’re set. (Syrup optional but not necessary.)

When you’re torn between cereal and French toast, milky and crunchy, here you have an answer. And what, we ask, is not magical about that?

Potholder is amongst the most popular breakfast joints in Long Beach, offering all-day breakfast to egg lovers across the city at not one but three locations: the original Broadway location in Belmont Heights; its second “Too” location here in DTLB and also on Broadway; and its “P3” location that opened last year on Lakewood Blvd.

Potholder Too Cafe is located in DTLB at 301 W Broadway.

Off the Menu in DTLB

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