Come tomorrow, Plenary/Edgemoor Civic Partnership (PECP) and the City of Long Beach will welcome the groundbreaking of Phase 1 of construction of the new Civic Center. The invitation-only event will be held on the now-cleared demo site of the old courthouse off Ocean Blvd. at Magnolia.

The construction of a new Civic Center is really historic for us,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a statement. “What’s really exciting for me is that we will be building a new, world-class library. At the same time, we will be remaking our city’s core. And any time you invest in the city’s core, you’re investing in the entire city, because the revenue generated in the core will be used to improve the entire city.”

Phase 1 of a three-phase project will have a perimeter that reaches mid-block on the east side of Magnolia between Ocean Blvd. and Broadway; mid-block on the north side of Ocean Blvd. between Magnolia and Pacific Avenues, cutting off just south of the LBPD headquarters and just west of City Hall. Phase 2, slated for October, will put a perimeter around Lincoln Park and the Main Library.

Concerns and compassion for the population at Lincoln Park during construction have led to two previous homeless outreach events. The Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) partnered with Mental Health America, Urban Community Outreach, and Beacon for Him to host outreach events that connected Lincoln Park residents with services in order to better prepare for the development of the Civic Center and the fencing off the project’s construction staging sites.

In the spirit of these collaborative efforts, the DLBA will continue to meet with PECP and other agencies to discuss further actions on how to better inform the community and deliver construction phase updates that may impact DTLB stakeholders.