About a year and half ago Tony Shooshani, managing member of Shooshani Developers and owner representative of the former City Place, stood in front of what was soon to be the newly-redesigned Studio One Eleven and announced a multi-million project to transform the shopping center.

Last week was a major milestone for the project as City Place became un-named (though we’re told it’s safe to call it “The Streets”) and welcomed the opening of internationally renowned architecture firms Studio One Eleven and Retail Design Studios.

It’s safe to say that the area’s plans to become integrate into Downtown are becoming more and more concrete as the development of a vibrant mixed-use district with unique restaurants, businesses, and retail makes progress.

“We envision each of our streets, avenue and boulevard – 3rd Street, 4th Street, 5th Street, 6th Street, Historic Pine Avenue, Long Beach Boulevard – taking shape as unique and cool destinations within the urban fabric,” said Shooshani. “We (want) to integrate our six-block footprint into the adjacent downtown, and reimagine the area as a vibrant mixed-use district.”

In the coming year expect The Streets to fill with new restaurants including, Burgerim, Creative Crepes, Party Monkey, Poke Cat, Romeo Chocolates, Table 301, and Plant Junkie. Don’t be surprised to see more parklets popping up too, like the one to come in front of Milana’s Pizzeria and another in front of Pie Bar.

“Downtown’s getting cool. City Place was losing its coolness,” said. Studio One Eleven principal and design director, Michael Bohn “We want to weave into downtown.”

Not stopping at retail, soon there will be a groundbreaking on a new 20-unit development across from the former Walmart location to provide additional housing in the Downtown core.