Remember how we told you we’re giving away $40,000 in grants (with up to $10,000 individually) toward projects that make DTLB a safer, more beautiful, more accessible place? And those projects are to come from you via a single application process?

Well, we didn’t expect you to do it all on your own—and that is why we were honored and happy to see a massive crowd attend our mixer at MADE this in DTLB this past June 15.

For us at the DLBA, small things add up—and each of the projects that have been either fully or partially funded through our Placemaking Grant Program exemplify that. The Children’s Gateway Garden and in-renovation amphitheater at Cesar Chavez Park, Long Beach’s first ADA-accessible garden. The Welcome to Pine Avenue neon sign, just south of 8th on the west side of Pine. The golden fire hydrants along the street which bears our city’s namesake.

And this year’s we are asking you yet again to #BeInspired. After all, when you bring more people to the streets, especially through ideas that are harnessed to your own neighborhood, you create a better community, a stronger connection, and enhanced activity.

“We really wanted to increase accessibility to possibly score a grant,” said Sean Warner, Placemaking Manager at DLBA. “New to this year’s application process is a streamlined wholly online version of the application, meaning that applicants have only one application that they can save and return to later if need be. Just importantly, we’ve created workshops that we will offer to those who are seeking one-on-one support to strengthen their application or simply have questions about the process.”

Innovative community members and creative neighbors alike can now bring their beautification ideas to fruition by way of the Challenge as application forms are now officially open here and will run through Friday, August 5, 2016 at 5PM.

Successful projects—reviewed and selected by the DLBA’s Pubic Realm Committee—will capitalize on the uniqueness of Downtown Long Beach, improve the aesthetic quality and user experience of public spaces, and enhance the perception of public safety. All applicants that have begun their online application by Friday, July 1, 2016 will be eligible to receive one-on-one support. Additionally, on Wednesday, July 6 at 6PM (location TBD), the DLBA will be hosting an open workshop where attendees can receive real time assistance with their online application. No prior online registration is required.

Applications will then reviewed and selected by the DLBA’s Pubic Realm Committee, which will seek out projects that capitalize on the uniqueness of Downtown Long Beach, improve the aesthetic quality and user experience of public spaces, and/or enhance the perception of public safety.

If you have additional questions please contact DLBA Placemaking Manager Sean Warner at seanw@dlba.org. Also visit www.downtownlongbeach.org/placemakingchallenge for the latest information.