Long before Elizabeth Bolla opened her doors to her very own yoga studio at 244 Pine, she was suffering. Bolla, unlike many in our sun-bathed region, didn’t start doing yoga because it was trendy; rather she had to. Reeling from PTSD from abuse, her therapist not only encouraged but taught her how to meditate, providing her perspective on what is called the Rāja yoga, or the eight components of yoga, as they appear in historic teaching guide to yoga that is the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali.

“Meditation… It started me on the Eastern path,” Bolla said. I began to read spiritual books that spoke of yoga and the path. I had been searching for solace after abuse and the meditation helped me get out of PTSD. It was suggested I try the physical practice of yoga so I did when I moved back to Long Beach to finish my teaching credential.“

Discovering Kundalini yoga, Bolla always kept yoga as a way to remain centered—even after receiving pink slip after pink slip from school districts spanning from SoCal to New Mexico. After juggling whether to take a coaching gig at Wilson (which could have led to another dreaded pink slip), Bolla opted for another, albeit pricey path: become a certified yoga teacher.

“I just decided to pay the expensive tuition for my teacher training with Yogaworks in 2009,” Bolla said. “It was so transformational! I knew then I wanted to open my own studio. After working for a few studios in Long Beach I knew it would happen. I began to talk about it and set intentions.

Heading to the nation’s capitol to explore the annual conference focused on creating a business out of yoga, Bolla slowly learned how to create a successful studio and, in her words, her “journey began to unfold.”

That journey has led to 1,800SqFt of yoga-ed out bliss, with rooftop views of Pine Avenue and Bolla’s commitment to trust, compassion and expertise. With classes appropriate for all levels, Bolla believes that she offers something distinct.

“I encourage students to commit to their practice to see the difference—I truly do,” Bolla said. “I offer classes that are a minimum of 15 minutes apart to allow for time to connect out of the asana room… I have showers and a tea bar and an inviting lobby; amazing floors… The brick wall has awesome energy and history. The acoustics are phenomenal—I just truly can’t say enough.”

Olive Yoga Studio will be having a grand opening tomorrow, March 4, at 5PM at its 244 Pine Avenue location (complete with a free class right at the beginning).

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