Some say the diner is dead but oftentimes, a classic just never dies–and in the case of Johnny Rockets, not only is it celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year but its DTLB location is expanding as manager and franchisee Becky Benam re-opens her classic burger joint shortly after pushing its capacity to 50 patrons.

When the first Johnny Rockets opened in 1986 along Melrose in LA, it was a direct ode to the (still open) famed Apple Pan restaurant that continued to live on with its all-American fare of shakes, burgers, and fries. Shortly after, Johnny Rockets boomed, opening hundreds of locations across the country in the name of jukebox lovers everywhere, even finding itself abroad Royal Caribbean ships and in international locations.

After founder Ronn Teitelbaum passed in 2000, RedZone Capital purchased the chain in 2007 and has since massively expanded the brand through film partnerships (like its recent menu dedicated to the Divergent film series) and openings in malls (i which 14 new mall locations are slated to open this year alone). It also opened its largest location yet in none other the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, with 6,000+ square feet of pure Johnny Rockets, as well as its first international food truck in Chile.

”We’re back open—and that’s all that counts,” said Benam. “A few rough patches here and there but we’re excited that we have more space for patrons to enjoy as well as a new menu.”

From dogs to grilled chicken sandwiches, the updated slate of offerings still (of course) includes burgers’n’shakes.

Feel like you’re in the 1950s again, Long Beach.

Johnny Rockets is located at 245 Pine Ave. in Suite #110.