Following the tragic mass shooting that occurred in Orlando at gay nightclub Pulse, resulting in the death of 50 people and the injury of over 50 more, Mayor Robert Garcia has announced that a special gathering will be held at 7:30PM tonight at DTLB’s Harvey Milk Park in honor of the victims.

”We will be gathering in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Orlando,” Garcia announced on Facebook. “If you need support or need to talk to someone about the incident, the LGBTQ Center and supportive resources will also be present.”

The shooting comes amidst Los Angeles’ own celebration of Pride, the second SoCal Pride celebration following Long Beach’s, which took place this past May.

Shortly after the tragedy in Orlando, Los Angeles police arrested a man reportedly from Indiana on his way to LA Pride after discovering his car filled with weapons, ammunition, and chemicals typically used to make pipe bombs. While there is currently no direct connection between this arrest and the Orlando tragedy, Garcia has said that LBPD will be on heightened presence.

”I am horrified by this shooting and senseless act of mass murder. I am so angry and my heart breaks for the victims and their families,” Garcia said. “But for those wondering, our Long Beach Police Department is in contact with our LGBTQ Center and we are working together to ensure that our LGBTQ bars, establishments, and gatherings are safe.”

Tonight’s gathering in solidarity with take place at 7:30PM at Harvey Milk Park, located where the Promenade meets 3rd in DTLB. Two-hour free parking at the adjacent City Place parking structures is available for those driving.