DLBA’s Public Safety Team is beginning the new year by introducing the Empower People Campaign, a program designed to raise awareness, at the street level, of local organizations that help people experiencing homelessness and/or mental illness.

“The idea behind this campaign is to provide a more constructive alternative to panhandling,” said Steve Be Cotte, DLBA Community Outreach Manager. “We want to help provide an immediate resource for the generosity of Downtown stakeholders and community members by increasing awareness of service organizations that will put their money to work.”

DLBA is using social media, brochures and signage to raise awareness and provide direct donation links to local service providers that offer impactful and lasting assistance to those in need.  These non-profit organizations depend on donations in order to keep their comprehensive and compassionate programs up and running.

The Empower People Campaign is a 2020 example of “giving someone a hand up instead of a handout.”


Please consider helping with the success of the Empower People Campaign by donating to one of these service organizations:


Multi-Service Center

According to the City of Long Beach, the mission of the MSC is to provide comprehensive supportive services to promote progress towards permanent housing and self-sufficiency, by creating a community where health, safety, and well-being are established. The Multi-Service Center (MSC) facility houses 12 public and private partner organizations working together to promote self-sufficiency and rebuild the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Annually, the MSC averages 26,000 client visits, making this facility the primary point of entry for persons seeking homeless services assistance in Long Beach.  Services range from basic amenities of shower, laundry, mail and message center, to street outreach, van shuttle, transportation, medical care, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, HIV/AIDS services, integrated case management, and housing coordination.



Mental Health America of Los Angeles

As stated on the MHALA website, the organization serves adults and transition-age youth who are facing mental health needs and do not have financial resources, including Veterans and people who are homeless or have been homeless.

MHALA uses an integrated, comprehensive service model that meets each individual where they are and tailors services to each person’s needs. They work in partnership with those being served. Their services are strength-based and delivered by teams of interdisciplinary professionals. MHALA has advocated for systems changes for decades and has provided training to thousands of individuals locally, nationally, and internationally.


Long Beach Rescue Mission

According to its website, Long Beach Rescue Mission is comprised of two facilities; The Samaritan House, which serves as a home for men, and Lydia House, which offers a safe haven for women and their children. Individuals work with a case manager either in LBRM’s 90-day Case Management Program or its one-year New Life Program, which helps men and women overcome substance abuse, addictions and life’s deeper challenges. Through dedicated counseling, training, and education, LBRM’s goal is to return these individuals as productive members of the community.