Eating at the Grand Prix

As the crowds grow at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, the food options do as well. This year expect to see a plethora of food trucks parked around the race.

For those not wanting food on four wheels, keep reading for some nearby places to stop and refuel:

For a drink:


Stop in here for a view that’s not to be missed. Grab a taco from the famous “taco lady” and order up a roasted blueberry basil margarita and sit-back and see the racetrack from a different angle.

Yard House

We know, you’ve certainly heard of Yard House before. But this is in spitting distance to the course, has a healthy selection of local brews, and is actually Yard House’s flagship location. Be warned though – it’s certainly going to be packed.

Parker’s Lighthouse

Parker’s Lighthouse give you the best of both worlds – you want a nice upscale dinner away from the food trucks you had all day? They’ve got that covered. But if you just want a drink and some sushi or sliders in their bar – they’ve got that too. Don’t leave without trying the clam chowder.

The Breakfast Bar

Got to the track early and need some grub? The Breakfast Bar has you covered. The Eggs Noni will keep you going all day, while a decked out Bloody Mary will start the day off right.


Get yourself a view of the water and the track at Gladstone’s while you’re chowing down on some Coconut Shrimp and Lobster Deviled Eggs. The service at Gladstone’s is always impeccable and the beer selection is nothing to sneeze.

Keep reading for a rundown of some of the best food trucks you can expect to see this weekend:

Pho-King Awesome

Certainly one of the best-named food trucks in the lineup, oddly enough though, pho isn’t their most popular item. Order up some Spamusushi and Spicy Asian Tacos and chow down.

Brew Wings

One of LA’s most popular food trucks, you can get your wings topped with everything from chopped jalapeños to caramel

Belly Bombz

One bite of the bomb dust chicken wings and you’ll be craving more for the rest of your life.

Berlin Truck

Not to be confused with the local coffee shop and restaurant of the same name, the Berlin Truck will be serving up currywurst and garlic fries.

Tokyo Doggie Style

Oh, these food trucks and their wacky names. This one is extra vegan friendly though, get yourself vegan dog loaded with sriracha and some lychee lemonade to wash it down.