No longer relegated solely to Recreational Coffee or Berlin, specialty coffee drinkers visiting or living or working in DTLB officially have a new joint (and one that boasts arguably one of the best patios this side of Alamitos): Cuppa Cuppa.

The artisanal coffee joint, sitting at the bottom of the famed Cooper Arms Building at Ocean and Linden, has been a long-awaited arrival since the space formerly occupied Pier 76 before it ventured to Pine Avenue at its current location. And now, owner Radhika Chougule is ready to unleash her creation on the world.

”We’re trying to create a space for downtown workers to come and work, hangout, and enjoy some really spectacular coffee,” Chougule said. “We’re still training our baristas on all the methods we’ll be offering but we are proud and honored to be opened.”

When Chougule says “all the methods,” she means it: Cuppa Cuppa, once its staff is fully trained, will offer not just pour-overs but every method of coffee making known to man. Espresso. Aeropress. French press. Chemex. Cold brew on nitro. Even the siphon method which, for now, can be found nowhere in Long Beach.

What Cuppa Cuppa is attaching itself to is a growing love of quality coffee. In fact, if there are two culinary arts making their mark in Long Beach, it’s craft beer and specialty coffee. And each of them share a similar situation in that they are widely overshadowed by wine as well as widely ignored by restaurants and chefs as something that should be cared for like any great plate of food or glass of vino. In other words, coffee is becoming culinary. That misguided mentality, though, is slowly beginning to change, thanks to the efforts of roasters like Rose Park and Lord Windsor and high quality Long Beach shops like Steelhead and the aforementioned Recreational Coffee.

Speaking of local coffee legends, Cuppa Cuppa will be proudly and solely serving Long Beach’s own Rose Park Roasters.

And it’s patio? Pure magic. Sitting between the historic building that houses the coffee house and the 555 building, sippers and drinkers alike can relax in a simultaneously serene and urban environment.

For those hungry, fear not: Cuppa Cuppa offers some light breakfast and lunch items (including our recommended Poached Egg & Avocado toast).

Cuppa Cuppa is located at 455 E Ocean Blvd. in Suite 18.