Long Beach, CA (April 23, 2024) – In a move to streamline communication and strengthen brand identity, the Downtown Long Beach Alliance (hereafter referred to as the DTLB Alliance or Alliance) has announced an important update to its shorthand designation. While the organization’s official name remains “Downtown Long Beach Alliance,” it will adopt “DTLB Alliance” or “Alliance” for all subsequent references. This change aims to alleviate confusion between the location (Downtown Long Beach, commonly abbreviated as DTLB) and the entity itself.

Austin Metoyer, President and CEO of the DTLB Alliance, emphasized the benefits of this shift, “Aligning our shorthand name with the widely recognized acronym for Downtown Long Beach not only simplifies our communications but also reinforces our deep connection with the area we serve. This update is a win-win, enhancing clarity for our partners and the community while solidifying our role as an integral connector and facilitator of partners in DTLB.”

Effective immediately, references to the organization as “DLBA” will cease in all DTLB Alliance publications and reports. Stakeholders, including local businesses, partners, government offices, and media outlets, are encouraged to update their records and materials to reflect this change.

Transition and Implementation
Recognizing the logistical changes inherent in such a transition, the DTLB Alliance is committed to a phased approach. During this period, various initial assets and tools will be updated to incorporate the new shorthand. The organization anticipates a smooth transition, with full implementation across all platforms and communications anticipated within the next few months. Notably, most DTLB Alliance marketing materials do not refer to the former shorthand, and often already use “DTLB.”

As the Alliance moves forward with this change, several key issues merit attention:

  • Communications Strategy: Developing clear messaging to ensure stakeholders understand the reason behind the change and how it benefits them. 
  • Brand Consistency: Updating all digital and physical materials to reflect the new shorthand, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Establishing metrics to assess the impact of the change on brand recognition and stakeholder engagement. 

This strategic update to our shorthand designation marks a significant step in the DTLB Alliance’s ongoing efforts to enhance its presence and effectiveness within the Downtown Long Beach community. We look forward to the simple, yet positive impacts this change will bring to our organization and the area we proudly serve.

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About: The Downtown Long Beach Alliance (DTLB Alliance) is a nonprofit, community-based organization whose mission is to cultivate, preserve and promote a healthy, safe, and prosperous Downtown. The DTLB Alliance is recognized as the voice of Downtown Long Beach by the City of Long Beach and the State of California. By balancing the interests of the residents, as well as businesses, the organization creates tangible progress by way of vested interest and solidified partnerships across local, municipal, and commercial lines. For additional information, visit www.downtownlongbeach.org and follow on Facebook @downtownlongbeach, on “X” (formerly Twitter) @dlba and Instagram @dlba.