DLBA’s intrepid Clean and Safe Teams were served a fortifying breakfast last Monday, courtesy of the Arize Bistro at the corner of 3rd Street and Elm Avenue in Downtown’s East Village. The gesture was just one recent example of how the DTLB community is coming together to express its support for these essential Team members.

“The Clean and Safe Teams are a group of passionate champions who are willing to sacrifice their time and sweat to keep Downtown Long Beach clean and safe,” said Arize co-owner Ronnavit Varin, whose fellow owners Annie and Tony were in the kitchen early Monday morning, helping prepare a box breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and a bracing cup of coffee for each Team member.

“After seeing how hard they tried each day to make Downtown Long Beach safe, clean, and virus-free,” added Varin, “Arize Bistro felt it was a must that we also try to help in some way. Making great breakfast is our expertise, so we decided to help by providing one to the team. We just wanted to help and also give back to this great community.”

Arize Bistro, open since last summer, has a huge breakfast and lunch menu that includes various combos, omelettes and biscuit sandwiches, as well as specialty items like their Monte Cristo Sandwich, Panini and a variety of skillet scrambles.

“Even though we are temporarily closed right now,” said Varin, “we will continue to provide great breakfast to the Clean and Safe Teams at least once a week until this COVID-19 situation disappears.”