The DLBA has selected two hard-working and positive family folks as its January-through-March Clean and Safe Team Employees of the Quarter;  Martha Harvey, six-month member of the Clean Team who has three children and 13 Grand-kids, and Walter Welch of the Safe Team, whose stated goal is to “grow old and have a happy family” along with his father, step-mother, son and daughter.

Martha’s Clean Team duties include sweeping Downtown streets, graffiti removal, and assisting with the removal of bulk trash items.  On the Safe Team side, Walter is a goodwill ambassador who helps locals and tourists, and as a holder of a California Guard Card, offers a trained set of eyes and ears looking out for Downtown.

These two award winners have started the year off admirably, doing what DLBA Community Outreach Manager Steve Be Cotte describes as “very hard jobs.  They’re out there performing their duties whether it’s raining or 105 degrees, and everything in between. It takes a pretty special person to want to do that.”  

Martha was born in Mississippi and raised in Long Beach along with 14 brothers and sisters. Her aim in life is to “be the best that I can be.”   “I love everything about my job,” said Martha,“from interacting with all the merchants and residents to cleaning up the streets of Long Beach.”  Martha combines a no-nonsense work ethic with good-natured compassion:  “Come to work on time and treat people the way you would like to be treated,” she said.  

Walter spent his very early life in Hawaiian Gardens and has lived in Long Beach for over 30 years. “Stay Positive!” is Walter’s mantra.  “Even in situations where it doesn’t look too great, Stay Positive,” he said.  “I like walking around meeting new people, greeting them and helping them,” said Walter.  “I love my co-workers and the wonderful environment they have brought to the office.” Next time you’re in Downtown Long Beach, keep an eye out for the Clean and Safe Teams, those fine people in the red polo shirts who bring so much positive energy and optimism to the DTLB scene.  They would love your encouragement.