One of the many goals the DLBA continues to strive for is to serve as a clearinghouse of information. We believe that collecting pertinent data about our population and businesses is paramount to the success of attracting investors and driving policy.

We’re both proud and honored to step into the position of leading data collection for the Downtown, offering investors and stakeholders a snapshot of DTLB with the digital release of DLBA’s 2016 Economic Profile on May 9 and printed version to follow on May 16.

Beyond this annual publication, Austin Metoyer, the newest member on DLBA’s team and serving as its Research and Policy Manager, will lead the effort to gather data and information throughout the year and will launch DTLB Snapshot, a quarterly report featuring individual foci on office, retail, and residential development and culminating with the annual Economic Profile. Look for the inaugural online edition beginning July 15 that will highlight the DTLB office market.

As noted in my introduction with DLBA Chairperson Michelle Molina to this year’s Economic Profile, becoming a center point for data in the Downtown is pertinent. What DTLB is experiencing is a vast growth in both its population and lease signings. With that, it becomes essential to understand how the population is changing and what types of businesses are investing and how the two work hand-in-hand: knowing the dynamics of the population in order to better understand business development, while identifying trends that will help businesses grow and succeed.

Upon its release, I trust you will find this publication to be a helpful resource for understanding DTLB’s economic landscape and how a potential business or development could fit into our existing and expanding community. Read it, share it, use it—and continue to help make DTLB a better place than it already is.