Construction Activity – Nov 19 to Nov 21

  • Locations & Type of Construction Activity:
    • Broadway, Golden to Pacific Segment: Complete Bus Island west of Magnolia.
    • Broadway, Pacific to Alamitos Segment: Completed all concrete sidewalk and curb ramps on the north side.
    • 3rd St, Golden to Pacific Segment: Complete sidewalk replacement and irrigation work on the north side of Broadway between Chestnut and Cedar for new trees.
    • 3rd St, Pacific to Alamitos Segment: Complete all concrete sidewalk and curb ramps on the south side.
  • Construction Hours: Generally 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, however, if demolition or construction needs to occur in front of a business that opens early, work may begin as early as 3:00 am.
  •  Impacts:
    • Only 1 lane of through traffic will be provided on each throughout the length of the project. Parking will be available in the coned area where construction is not occurring. This will not be advertised.
    • The bike lane is closed on both streets indefinitely.
    • Pedestrian access is 100% and detours are provided (w/ flagman in some cases) where construction activities necessitate a closure of the sidewalk.
    • Bus stops are still in operation, relocated bus stops will go into effect after Thanksgiving.
    • There is not a lot of demolition scheduled so noise should be minimal.
  • The Contractor is trying to pave out the job the week of Dec 17th and be complete with Striping for Christmas.

To learn more about the project visit DowntownLongBeach.org/construction. For questions and concerns call the City of Long Beach Public Works hotline (562) 463-4465.