We couldn’t be more thankful to see some rain on this first day of winter in Long Beach, and with it comes responsibility from not just citizens but the DLBA as well.

”Rain and wind will often bring down palm fronds, tree limbs and large quantities of leaves to the sidewalks and streets in Downtown,” said Community Outreach Manager Steve Be Cotte. “Although we love our palm trees, falling fronds are a constant problem. The DLBA’s Clean Team works diligently with our partners in the city to gather up debris and assist when possible in removing debris from storm drains.”

As the rains and storms roll into Long Beach, it is absolutely pertinent that illegally dumped items—mattresses, furniture, and the like—are picked up from alley ways and streets by notifying the City. These large items clog storm drains and can cause massive flooding. The Go Long Beach app, which you can download on your smartphone via iTunes or Google Play, is one of the quickest, easiest and most efficient ways of letting the City know of such dumping.

Additionally, the City has the AlertLongBeach notification system. AlertLongBeach is a free mass notification system designed to keep those who live or work in Long Beach informed of important information before, during and after a major emergency or disaster.

“I strongly urge all Long Beach residents and businesses to sign up and receive emergency alerts via cell phone, text message and e-mail,” said Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. “This important communications resource, to provide critical information to the community, comes just in time as we prepare for rains this winter.”

Sign up for AlertLongBeach here.