We received a letter of thanks from Downtown resident and First Council District staff member, Jennifer Kumiyama, sharing how DLBA helped resolve a very scary situation for her.  Experiences like these reinforce the importance of providing services that make Downtown safe for everyone.  We are grateful to Jennifer for sharing her story and to our incredible Clean and Safe team members, Joseph and Trennis, for being of service during a time of need.

Jennifer’s Letter

“I wanted to send a commendation to Joseph and Trennis, members of the DLBA Safety Ambassador Team.

On Wednesday night (8/7/19) at around 9:30pm I was rolling north on Chestnut toward Ocean Blvd. after having dinner with a friend. I’ve gone up and down the hill many times on my way to & from the Pike. My wheelchair completely died halfway up the hill. I’ve never been so scared because I’ve been fortune enough, until now, to not have experienced that. I immediately called my friend and by the time I hung up, I was approached by Trennis. He kept me safe as traffic heading north was approaching. He kept me calm as I called and waited for a family member to bring my spare wheelchair. Because of how my wheelchair broke down, my family and Trennis weren’t able to manually push it which made it even more difficult to move the wheelchair. Trennis called Joseph, another Safety Ambassador, and between three people my wheelchair was loaded into the back of a DLBA cart and taken to my home in Willmore. This all happened within a short 45-minute period – which, to me, was pretty fast.

Having to rely on my wheelchair for independence is something I’m extremely grateful for. But when things like this happen, my mobility and freedom are essentially gone. I felt extremely vulnerable and scared – both things I’m not used to feeling. Having the Safety Ambassadors in the downtown is truly an asset to all who visit and live in Long Beach. Trennis and Joseph were kind, professional and confident that they were going to help me out of the situation. I cannot be more grateful to them. They truly went above and beyond in assisting me and I’m so, very grateful.

I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to Trennis, Joseph and the entire DLBA for the service and kindness extended to those they serve.”