DLBA was recognized by City Prosecutor Doug Haubert at its February Public Safety Committee for its partnership in making a positive impact in the City of Long Beach. Haubert made specific reference to DLBA being a “pioneer” in implementing the City Prosecutor’s Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor Program in 2014. The program has since been expanded to several other areas of the city thanks to its success in Downtown. “It’s an honor to receive this recognition and it’s shared among all of DLBA’s Public Safety team – from our Clean and Safe Ambassadors to Community Outreach, to our Public Safety Committee members, past and present,” said Broc Coward, COO at DLBA.

The Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor Program is based on the “broken window theory” of combatting criminal and civil disorder before they have a chance to take hold in a community. In Downtown, a Deputy City Prosecutor is assigned to coordinate public safety partners such as LBPD, Health and Human Services, Code Enforcement and DLBA around chronic problem issues and locations. In addition, the Deputy City Prosecutor monitors and handles all cases presented by law enforcement involving Downtown for criminal filing and attends DLBA Public Safety Committee meetings to stay on top of current concerns. When asked about the program’s value, Coward commented, “it’s incredibly helpful having one point of contact when we’re addressing ongoing stakeholder concerns or communicating with a judge about the impact of repeat offenders.”

Most recently, DLBA, LBPD, and City Prosecutor Haubert partnered to create a No Trespassing Program protecting properties from vandalism during after business hours in Downtown. For more information about DLBA’s efforts to keep Downtown Long Beach clean and safe, go to downtownlongbeach.org/clean-safe/.