When you visit Downtown Long Beach, chances are very good you’ll be seeing the Clean and Safe Teams hard at work, doing things to make your visit enjoyable. You may be making their lives better too.

Preston and Jenifer, the Clean and Safe Employees of the Quarter (July – Sept), have demonstrated both a sterling work ethic and much gratitude for the connections they make when they go about their duties.

Preston, this quarter’s Clean Team standout, is known as “J.R.” by his co-workers and friends on the Downtown streets. He has been maintaining the LB Transit restrooms for six years. The Clean and Safe Team administrators receive frequent calls and emails from bus drivers and riders complimenting his consistently fine work.

J.R., who has never been married, enjoys his daily interaction with Downtown visitors, especially the ones from different states and countries. His courtesy, good nature and thorough knowledge of the transit system make him a go-to person for directions and general bus-riding assistance.

J.R.’s advice to other Clean Team ambassadors is to always maintain a positive attitude and to try and remember as many Downtown visitors’ names as possible.

This quarter’s Safe Team all-star, Jenifer, has received much praise from the public and her co-workers during the ten months she has been helping keep Downtown streets safe.

Born and raised in Long Beach, Jenifer is a single mother who works three jobs. Her Safe Team interactions with colleagues and

Downtown visitors have helped her overcome the social anxiety she dealt with for many years, making it easier for her to go out into the world and provide her daughter and herself with a better life.

“Without a doubt, Jenifer is a person we can count on,” said Joseph Bentley, Assistant Manager for the Downtown Long BeachAmbassador Program.

Congratulations to J.R. and Jenifer for the hard work they do to help keep Downtown Long Beach clean and safe, and congratulations to Downtown residents, employees and visitors for making such a positive difference in the lives of J.R. and Jenifer.