Harvey Milk Promenade Park isn’t just a solemn place that recognizes the battles and wins and lives of the LGBTQ people—it’s about to become an outdoor office if all goes as planned.

The City of Long Beach is looking for innovative ways to turn an accessible the park into a cutting edge outdoor space where professionals and entrepreneurs can work, meet, and collaborate outside of their traditional office setting.

To achieve this vision, the City is open to purchasing and integrating a range of items that together will achieve the twin objectives of creating a functional outdoor office and collaboration space for professionals and entrepreneurs to work in while also supporting a cultural shift to a new way of working that brings people out of their office buildings and into the outdoor working community.

The City invites furniture designers, manufacturers, artists, engineers, lighting specialists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and design enthusiasts to propose outdoor furnishings and technologies solutions for the Plaza that are useful, durable, and easily replicated in other outdoor spaces.
In order to participate in the Outdoor Office Challenge, the finalists must be willing and able to showcase their solution(s) (physical structure, technology, or combination) in the City of Long Beach for a period of two weeks.

The City has partnered with Citymart, a New York-based firm, to find creative and innovative solutions in the market place for this challenge. This Request for Solution (RFS) is part of that process.

The responses to this RFS will identify a selection of finalists who will be invited to exhibit and showcase their solution(s). After the showcase, the City will utilize an initial budget of $50,000 to purchase outdoor office furniture and technology from a select number of solutions that were exhibited. The winner(s) of the challenge will have their piece(s) purchased and used in the first public park in the US to offer outdoor office amenities, programming, and infrastructure in a single site.

The deadline for submission is Thursday, October 06, 2016 by 4:00PM Pacific Time. You can find the RFP here.