The kinetic spectacle that is the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach returns to Downtown Long Beach  Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 21. We would like to invite all race fans, visitors and locals to make the most of the experience by discovering the full spectrum of fun and flavor that Downtown has to offer! 

One can find fantastic entertainment, recreation, self-care, food, drink, and shopping offerings throughout our neighborhoods. We’ve picked a small handful to pique your interest, but just know there are many more options to explore through our Experience DTLB page here

So, explore Downtown and make your race weekend complete! 

THE 4TH HORSEMAN / 121 W. 4th St.

From the moment you enter this apocalyptic Downtown pizza joint at 121 West 4th St., you’ll know you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience. “We serve the best pizza in the city with an atmosphere that can’t be beat,” boasted co-owner Jeremy Cross. “We’re punk rock, we’re metal, we’re pizza, we’re beer — it doesn’t get any better than that.” 

Bring a group of hungry and thirsty race fans with you to feast on appropriately-named pizzas such as the Vampire Slayer or the Hellfire! Vegan options are available. A comprehensive assortment of craft beers and fine wines will enhance your delightfully jarring 4th Horseman hang. 

The 4th Horseman is a Downtown fixture and a place you’ll never forget. “Long Beach is a town that prides itself in its individualism and I feel like we represent that well,” said Cross.  

BIRDIES N BREWS / 90 E. 4th St.

A day at the races may have you feeling sporty — and thirsty. You can satisfy both desires at Birdies n Brews (90 E 4th St), which features a truly amazing golf simulator. Hit balls on a virtual driving range or play a round on one of 50 golf courses, including Augusta, Pebble Beach, and St. Andrews. 

“It’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Grand Prix to visit this place, along with many other Downtown spots that are off the beaten path,” said owner Andrew Esparza.

As you play, the simulator will provide you with all kinds of real-time data, including length of shot, trajectory, ball speed, club speed, sidespin, launch angle, and more. “That’s why serious golfers like it — but anyone can have fun with it,” said Esparza. “Bring your own clubs, or use a set provided by us. Left-handed clubs are available for southpaws.”   

A round of drinks goes perfectly with a round of golf: Birdies n Brews has a terrific selection of beers, ciders, seltzers, and hard kombuchas to keep your thirst in check. 

CREME DE LA CREPE / 400 E. 1st St.

When you’re seated outdoors at this fine French creperie (400 E First St), just a short walk up the street from the Grand Prix course, sipping some French wine and savoring some French Onion Soup, you’ll hear the roars of racing cars in the distance and think you’re somewhere on the European Grand Prix circuit — with a Pacific Ocean breeze, of course! 

Creme de la Crepe’s menu features French delicacies such as Escargot, Filet Mignon Tartare, Beef Bourguignon, and an assortment of crepes that is truly magnifique

Sandwiches, burgers, and pasta dishes are also featured on the menu, along with a fabulous selection of beer and wine. Toast the Grand Prix winner — and yourselves — by raising a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne. 

Creme de la Crepe is located on a corner that is a sort-of gateway to Downtown’s East Village. After your meal, become a boulevardier and stroll the streets of one of Long Beach’s most eclectic neighborhoods. C’est Bon!  


Right next door to Creme de la Crepe at 62 Elm Ave. is a place that could serve multiple purposes for you during Grand Prix weekend! At Phancy Nails and Spa, you could rest and pamper your tired feet after a long day at the races – and you could get your nails sparkling and on point BEFORE the race, to perfectly complement your race day ensemble!  

Try a Royal Pedicure, which lasts 55 minutes. You’ll soak your feet in lime/lemon water, have your nails cut and shaped, and get your cuticles pushed and trimmed. Special treatment for calluses! Finish up by getting your legs exfoliated and smoothed with a special mixture of sea salt and cooling gel, followed by a hot towel and foot lotion treatment and a 10-minute massage. 

Phancy’s menu also includes AMAZING nail enhancements! Waxing-wise, you can get a quick 10-minute upper lip job or spend an hour at a full legs session. Plenty of other body areas are eligible for treatment as well. 

Keep yourself feeling fresh and looking right during Grand Prix Weekend! Let the team and Phancy Nails and Spa work on that for you.  


people on a sea doo just outside dtlb on the waterDowntown Long Beach has many locations to enjoy stunning views — and some of the best can be enjoyed when you’re on the water! Long Beach Watersports, located at 700 Queensway Drive right next to Hotel Maya, will provide you with the vessel that will help you push the boundaries of your Grand Prix weekend experience and gain access to some gorgeous and memorable panoramas.

You can rent a two-person jet ski, equipped with speakers so you can rock your playlist while zipping around a six-mile ocean radius. During your voyage, you may be accompanied by dolphins and sea lions! The jet skis are very stable when piloted appropriately. Riders are advised to wear clothing they don’t mind getting wet, just in case. 

“We have eight-passenger pontoon boats for rent as well,” Manager Marcus Provenzano informed us. “Take your friends out with some food and bevvies, ‘park’ behind the oil islands, and watch the sunset.” 

For details about parking, reservations, and other nautical offerings such as Catalina trips, please click here.


paniq room long beach experienceWant to try something new and exciting during Grand Prix Weekend in Downtown? Pay a visit to the PaniQ Escape Room at 327 Pine Ave. Guests are LOVING the satisfaction of teaming up in a race against the clock to figure things out in the creative and sometimes mysterious environments of PaniQ’s escape rooms.   

For a challenging and fun time, join your race-fan buddies in trying to solve the intense puzzles presented by an assortment of rooms: the Haunted Manor, the Insane Asylum, and the Wizard Trials Chamber! 

Don’t worry: The escape room doors are closed, but not locked! You are free to escape at any time. You probably won’t want to, though; you’ll be swept up in the challenge.  

To learn more about each escape room and to book your team building event, click here.  

BAD AXE THROWING / 245 Pine Ave., Ste. 290

Experience the thrill of axe throwing, a dynamic full-body sport! Step into the realm of Bad Axe, where you and your comrades can channel your inner warriors as you take aim at wooden targets, guided by the expertise of world-class axe throwers.

But it’s not just about the adrenaline-pumping throws—Bad Axe also offers an extensive selection of top-notch beer and wine to complement your throwing experience. Each throwing lane comes complete with its own table, ensuring that your beverage of choice is always within arm’s reach as you engage in this unique activity.

Whether you’re seeking a casual outing outside of the Grand Prix or planning an unconventional adventure, Bad Axe promises an unforgettable time for all. To book an event, buy a gift card, learn about axe throwing leagues and more about Bad Axe, click here.