The year is winding down, there’s a chill in the air, and it’s time to assemble your crew for another holiday season party. Maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit, whether you’re throwing the annual office bash or just hanging out with a few friends.   

Downtown has some unique indoor venues that will put an exciting spin on your party. Check out these options for having warm and friendly holiday fun with your friends and colleagues while doing some serious team building! 



Painting is such a relaxing form of self-expression. Have your holiday get-together at this East Village studio and bond in creativity with your people while sipping the beverage of your choice! 

At Brushstrokes + Beverages, you’ll be supplied with blank canvases, paints, table easels, aprons — all the materials to help bring out everyone’s inner Picasso. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink to make it a complete artfest. 

If you’ve already selected your holiday party venue, Brushstrokes + Beverages can be there with art supplies and an engaging instructor, whether it’s a private residence, hotel, company office, or restaurant.  

To learn more about Brushstrokes + Beverages, including private event/group rate details, click here. Check out the studio on Instagram.   


BAD AXE /  245 PINE AVE #290 

Axe throwing is a full-body sport: Think next-level dart board. At Bad Axe, you and your team can go medieval on a wooden target while being instructed by world-class axe throwers. 

Bad Axe boasts a “kick-ass” beer and wine menu, and every throwing lane has its own table so you can keep your beverage close.  

There is a variety of group rates available, whether you’re just out with a few pals or are going to host your entire office for an evening of rather offbeat fun.  

To book an event, buy a gift card, learn about axe throwing leagues and more about Bad Axe, click here. Visit them on Instagram.   



In your grandpa’s day, you’d play a round of golf, then hit the bar. At Birdies N Brews you can do both at once! 

Play a round of virtual golf with your work buddies on the vivid 12-foot screen. Take your pick from a long list of the world’s greatest golf courses. As you play, you’ll get real-time feedback on your shot’s angle, speed, spin, and distance.  

Toast your holes-in-one with a selection from the carefully curated craft beer menu! 

To book your party, click here. Get a good look at this unique beer bar on Instagram.     



The Topgolf Swing Suites feel like a cross between your local pub and someone’s nice living room, equipped with massive screens for virtual golf. 

You and up to seven of your friends can also play Zombie Dodgeball, Baseball Pitching, and other fun virtual games.  

Relax and enjoy full food and drink service with a menu of snacks, beers, and signature cocktails while waiting your turn and chatting with your pals.   

It’s a cozy spot to loosen up with your workmates after another year of hard work! To get all the details and to book your suite, click here 



Escape rooms have been steadily increasing in popularity worldwide. People are loving the satisfaction of teaming up in a race against the clock to figure things out in creative and sometimes mysterious environments. 

The PanIQ Room escape room franchise has just opened its Downtown location! For a true exercise in team building, join your cohorts in trying to solve the intense puzzles presented in the Haunted Manor, Insane Asylum, or Wizard Trials escape rooms. 

Don’t worry: The escape room doors are closed, but not locked! You are free to escape at any time. You probably won’t want to, though; you’ll be swept up in the challenge.  

To learn more about each escape room and to book your team building event, click here.  


THE QUEEN MARY / 1126 Queens Highway

The Queen Mary reopened last April after a three-year layoff and is looking absolutely gorgeous. It’s a sure thing for a wonderful company party, with 14 amazing art deco salons to choose from. 

Taking one of the many Queen Mary tours is another option for enjoying the ship’s vibe during a holiday gathering. Many of these tours focus on the Queen’s supernatural aspects: The Paranormal Ship Walk, the 57 Ghosts Séance, the Grey Ghost Project, and Haunted Encounters would all be fun tours to enjoy with your group! 

Afterwards, you could convene in the wonderfully art deco Observation Bar to share some first-class holiday cheer.

To book rooms, purchase tour tickets, and other pertinent Queen Mary info, click here.