It is official: Los Angeles’s influential Beer Belly’s second location in DTLB at Long Beach Blvd. and 3rd Street will open November 11 to the public.

Even better? Those who sign up on their email list will score a $1 draft beer—and we’re not just talkin’ any brew but some of the best craft beer around. 24 to be exact. (They also have a full liquor license for those seeking heavier libations)

Owners Jimmy and Yume Han have been keep their mouths relatively sealed until now about their new 2,800 sq. ft. space. Headed by MAKE ARCHITECTURE, the restaurant features freestanding wood and masonry details, including witty nods to Long Beach’s nautical history. Check out the main bar: clad in an undulating blackened metal with various cuts, light emanates from internally lit glass shelves providing blades of light that seemingly float weightlessly along the surface of the crinkled wall that connects the ends of the space.

And just as importantly, the food?

Chef Wes Lieberher—who also headed the flagship Beer Belly’s menu as well as Whiz—offers an entirely new menu will feature altered versions of the essential plates that made Beer Belly famous while bringing on some plates that will only be served here.

Beer Belly will be occupying the largest part of the develop at the southwest corner of 3rd and Long Beach Blvd., already home to Rainbow Juices and Beachwood’s Blendery—in other words, the perfect hood for the Belly.