Downtown Long Beach Alliance’s (DLBA) organizational shift is always progressing, along with our Downtown community, which continues to evolve as a unique melting pot of investors, residents and visitors that proudly represents the culturally diverse cross-section of Long Beach.

Since its inception as a volunteer organization in 1937, the DLBA was known for years as a business group of “associates”—an association that we felt obligated to eschew in our rebranding as an alliance, which is more reflective of what we do: serve this city as a community-based organization that identifies and utilizes its vast network of partnerships for the collective good of the community.

We do not take this leadership role lightly and constantly learn from best practices exercised in other parts of Long Beach and from various cities nationwide. This has offered DLBA a unique perspective that ranged from understanding certain public policy to enhance existing programs and introduce new concepts.

Our monthly newsletter, Downtown Scene, is one of the most subscribed to in the city and includes a variety of articles that describe the various areas of concentration DLBA has identified as high priorities.

An introduction column from either myself or the Chairperson of the Board has always led our newsletter each month. Now it’s you turn. We encourage you to use your voice and tell our readers your perspective on DTLB, and contribute directly to this space as a guest columnist.

Whether you’re a stakeholder or and allows dialogue and discussion to open up amongst people who may have never been connected in the first place.

Interested in contributing? Feel free to shoot an email to info@dlba.org with “Newsletter Intro Pitch” in the subject, followed by your contact information and your proposed topic.

I trust in the belief that we can always learn from each other and utilize the unique opportunity to work together as a community to benefit the greater good. Let us know your perspective, ideas, dreams, wishes and concepts.

As always, thank you for your contributions, love and commitment to DTLB and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Talk soon.