After an assortment of artists vied for a chance to turn crosswalks along Pine Avenue in DTLB into pieces of art, the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA) has chosen environmental designer and artist Kipp Kobayashi to take on six mid-block crosswalks.

We continually search for ways to not just make DTLB cooler but, more importantly, safer—but those two things don’t always necessarily collide. However, when they do, it’s a moment where creatives can meet with pragmatists and advocates in an innovative way that makes our Downtown better than it already is.

Hence our creative crosswalks project.

From Portland to Santa Barbara, Seattle to Oakland, creatively designed crosswalks are taking over the West Coast and we felt it was only appropriate that DTLB join the crowd.

Kobayashi is no stranger to the creative process. From serving inside Walt Disney Imagineering—the arm of Disney that creates the magical spaces within its theme parks—to founding Mythograph with architect Marta Perlas, a creative environmental design firm, Kobayashi’s work spans corporate to public, large to small.

Stay tuned for a full feature on Kobayashi, including a history of his work as well as what he plans for DTLB.