The kaleidoscopic Pike Ferris wheel at dusk…..Boats shrouded in mist……Dramatic portraits of buildings old and new: This is some of the visual poetry of Downtown Long Beach captured in pictures by participants in this year’s DTLB UNFILTERED photography contest, brought to you by Downtown Long Beach Alliance and Arts Council of Long Beach.

Amateur and professional photographers were invited to take photos in the Downtown during the month of October and submit them within four categories: Architecture, People/Places/Events, Environment, and Skyline. After the nearly 250 submissions were reviewed by a panel of artists and community members, the field was narrowed to 20 photographs, which went on display at Fingerprints Music on December 14.

That evening, four Viewfinder Award winners were selected, one in each category.

Here are the 2019 DTLB UNFILTERED photo contest Viewfinder Award winners and runners-up:

Winner: Ralph Llerenas
Runners-up: Jaime Cervantes, Weston Sanchez, Guillermo Mendez

Winner: Alan Donaldson
Runners-up: Victor Ladd, Bryan Kestell, Kristina Rincon

Winner: Guillermo Mendez
Runners-up: Aime Sandoval, Lance Bachelder, Ralph Llerenas, Anthony Tran

Winner: Eric Benson
Runners-up: Rosie Kobayashi, Christopher Perez, Jonathan Reed, Jason Armijo

Congratulations and Thank You to all of this year’s photographers from DLBA and the Arts Council. From impressionistic shape compositions to gritty portraits, your photographs have once again told the Downtown story in pictures. Look for the return of DTLB UNFILTERED in October 2020. Visual input from you and from first-time participants will be encouraged and appreciated.

Newsletter readers are invited to visit https://downtownlongbeach.org/dtlb-unfiltered/ and cast their votes for the DTLB UNFILTERED FAN FAVORITE AWARD. Voting takes place through January 5.