Downtown Long Beach Food Series

Are you a food or beverage business located in DTLB? 

Are you a food entrepreneur that is trying to become a food or beverage business in the City of Long Beach?

Do you like to cook and want to know what steps are required to start your own food business?

This is the program for you!



The DTLB Food Series is an education and workshop series intended to help food entrepreneurs (current and future) as well as food businesses learn how to setup and operate their business in the City of Long Beach. This series contains 5 educational courses and 5 networking opportunities (throughout 2024) for business owners to learn, connect, and grow their idea or business.

 In this education series, you will learn:

Course #1: How to set up a food business in Long Beach

(February 2024)

• Obtaining an LBC Business license

• Obtaining an LBC Health permit

• Finding/working with a commercial kitchen

Course #2: Building a menu to make a profit

(April 2024)

• How to determine your audience

• How to price your products

• How to source quality ingredients

Course #3: How to sell food to Long Beach

(June 2024)

• How to setup your business in the LBC Bid system

• How to meet Insurance requirements (food liability checklist)

• What to know about your legal rights and responsibilities

• How to create and review contracts, invoices, and purchase orders

Course #4: How to promote your Long Beach business

(August 2024)

• How to make cold calls

• How to use social media to promote your business

• How to use free tools for design & promotion

Course #5: Preparing for Holiday Season

(October 2024)

Put it all together:

• Prepare your product offerings for the 2024 Holiday Season (product type, price, and taglines)

• Draft your sales pitch for partners and customers

• Practice with your peers

In addition to these 1.5-hour hybrid (online & in-person) education courses, we encourage you to join us for networking sessions at a few of our favorite DTLB businesses. Meet with your peers, hear their stories, meet potential partners, and grow your community.